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Past Events 2004


St. Martin's Church


Saturday 7th February 2004

As has become somewhat of a tradition in recent times, our first concert of the new year was in the lovely St. Martin's Church, Womersley. This event has become a regular event at the start of the Band's calendar each year, and this is something the Band wish to continue for many years to come.

As normal, the band was a little short of space at the front of the church, but this shows how popular the event is with the Band members, with almost everyone ensuring the could turn up. As this has become a special event for us, we included some new pieces specially to premier here, as well as giving them some of our more recent major items. This all seemed to go down very well with everyone that turned up on that wet Saturday evening, and we received many comments of praise both at, and following the event.

And the band were also treated, as were the audience, to a wonderful selection of refreshments, including the very welcome warmed mulled wine that they usually provide. We shall be back in 2004, so why don't you join us too?

Castle Park Fund Raiser

Armthorpe, Doncaster

Saturday 3rd April 2004

The DeMaulay Freemasons Lodge based in Doncaster asked us to be the feature performance at a fund raising event they organised. Their main charity in 2004 was Prostate Cancer, and profits from this concert went to that excellent cause.

The event itself was held in the new Castle Park conference centre, in the grounds of the Doncaster Rugby Union Club. They opened up tree rooms to form one long room with the band set-up in the centre and the guests, all seated at tables to each side of us; quite an unusual arrangement.

We performed a selection of old an new pieces for this event, with Graham introducing each one in his wonderful style, even making it into something of a light hearted quiz at times. During the interval, everyone was able to help themselves to the buffet provided, and even the band was invited to join in with this as well, for which we offer our thanks. The second half contained the same level of quality pieces, and by the end of the performance, many of the band were shattered, as it had been full of challenging items. A big "well done" goes to Caroline for performing her first solo; "Iona" so well in front of an audience. Russell and Ian also played solo pieces excellently, and Steve had a solo session on drums that was well received. All in all an excellent performance all round.

As the event was well attended and along with raffle monies, they should have made quite a bit to go towards their charity. Well done to all the organisers.

Oompah Band

"BealFest" Beal Village Hall

Friday 23rd April 2004

Over very own Bavarian Oompah band, the K.C.Bratwursts, where the main feature at the first "BealFest" event held in the village of Beal, in the village hall. This was a wonderfully hilarious show, with Steve leading the Bratwursts with his great wit and humour, and the costumed band played suitable musical items for the event. The best part of the evening was that the audience got right behind the Band from the very start and everyone joined in with all the singing and typical swaying to the German style songs, which went to make a perfect atmosphere for the whole evening. In between the music, there were silly games and we even had several members of the audience up front who all had birthdays within one or two days of the event, so we all sang them "Happy Birthday". Included in the ticket price was a great buffet meal, and there was plenty of drink available throughout, which certainly added to the entertainment, as not only the audience were partaking, but the band were too, with some hilarious consequences towards the end of the evening.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we hope this is the first of what will be a long running annual "BealFest" event for many years to come. Why not watch out for it in the future, and come along and enjoy this unique style of entertainment for the whole family.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

40th Anniversary

Trinity Methodist Church

Saturday 24th April 2004

The Band's Jazz Group joined with the York Male Voice Choir to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the trinity Methodist Church. We are delighted to do this for them for this special occasion, as the Band have had close ties with the church for many years. The event was a great success, and proceeds are being ploughed back into the church as part of the extensive improvements being made to the building to make it more inviting and useable for the local community.

Oompah Band

65th Birthday, Airedale

Saturday 5th June 2004

The Bavarian Oompah band, the K.C.Bratwursts had been invited to perform by a big fan, at a his private 65th birthday party held in the Holy Cross Church Hall. Celebrations started off with a marvelous BBQ for everyone who attended including the Band members, after which the Bratwursts entertained everyone in there usual humorous style, to everyone's delight. The guest of honour was then presented with a birthday cake, and during his little speech after blowing out his candles, he even surprised everyone including his partner, with a proposal of marriage, and to great cheers from everyone, she agreed. The rest of the evening went of very well with music and dancing until late evening.

Castleford Heritage Group

Valley Gardens

Sunday 27th June 2004

One of three events we performed for the Castleford Heritage Group in 2004. This one is took place in the Valley Gardens, Castleford, and marked the start of a week-long program of events being organised by the group. We were also be back to play at their closing event a week later. As well as the band, there was a Maypole dance by a local children's group, plus stalls for fairground style games and a large inflatable slide. The weather threatened to break for most of the afternoon, but it was good enough to stay dry until the end and we were packing up! This was the first year of events for the group and we wish them the very best for future events.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Castleford Heritage Group


Saturday 3rd July 2004

The band will be performing for the Castleford Heritage Group at the end of a week long program of activities they have organised. It was planned to perform in front of Marks and Spencers, but bad weather forced us to play inside, with the constant threat of droppings from the birds in the girders above our heads. We performed several sessions, with a DJ from the local radio station doing the announcing and even linking live with the station itself. Between our sessions, the local people were treated to various other performances in the arena set up in front of the band.

Knottingley Carnival


Saturday 10th July 2004

Support for the annual Knottingley Carnival was found again this year so the carnival is on. We had been asked to once again lead the procession around the streets of the town. This is an event we have supported for a number of years, and we hope it will continue again in future years too. The march and procession again finished up at the sports ground where there was the usual stalls full of entertainment, food and various chances to win prizes, as well as plenty of entertainment in the main ring as usual. Despite the weather not being too kind, with showers at times on the march, we still managed to enjoy leading the procession once again. Thanks to the organisers, who provided some wonderful refreshments for the band members (and the other groups) at the end of the march.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Patron's Concert

Castleford Arts Centre

Saturday 17th July 2004 7:15pm

Being a new venue, there were a few teething problems to sort out, running up to the opening of this event, but we were ready by the time the doors opened, and show got underway. As in most years, it was not just the main band that performed. The Bratwursts Oompah Band played as usual, and showed off their newly purchased uniforms. The Jazz Band performed some great songs and music, and this group is now getting well established in their own right. But we were very delighted to have the "Barnburgh Village Singers" join us for this concert, and everyone enjoyed their lovely singing, including the band members themselves. A big, "Thank you" goes out to them for supporting us so well.

Prior to the start of the show, our Patrons were invited to come early and join us in the reception room for wine and a buffet meal. Gill (our Patrons Secretary) had gone to a lot of trouble preparing a wonderful spread for the Patrons, and everyone agreed that she had done a fantastic job. Everyone was able to share the food during the interval as well, and without doubt, this made the concert rather special for everyone who was able to attend. Well done to Gill for all her hard work.

Despite the problems we had to overcome with the venue, everyone seemed to enjoy the concert immensely, and that made it all worth while.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Band Stand

Queens Park, Castleford

Sunday 18th July 2004

The Band again performed in the delightful Band Stand in Queens' Park, Castleford, a venue we have enjoyed performing at in several recent years. As normal they provided sheltered audience seating, but the weather was kind enough and people were able to sit around outside, as well. Unlike last year, there were no other activities going on in the park at the time, so the audience was mostly made up of passers-by. But most seemed to enjoy the sounds of a brass band emanating from the lovely Band Stand, exactly what it was made for.

Boat House


Sunday 25th July 2004

Wakefield Council asked us if we would perform for them as part of there summer events programme in Newmillerdam. This is a beautiful area attracting visitors to the area from miles around, and we delighted to be able to accommodate their request. We set-up in front of the delightful Boat House, at the side of the lake, and performed for all the people visiting the area on that day. A very pleasant day in a very pleasant location, even if the weather was slightly wet towards the end of our last session.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Waterways Concert

Castelford Lock

Sunday 12th September 2004

This was one of three events we performed for the Castleford Heritage Group in 2004. This was for their annual Waterways Festival event, a event we have supported in the past. However, the event was not very well attended and it was a long and cold blow for the players, with very little feedback from the few people that turned up, which does make it hard work for everyone who had put themselves out to play. Still, you have to take the rough with the smooth, to try and reach as many people as possible.

RNLI Fund Raiser

Central Methodist Church, Pontefract

Wednesday 6th October 2004

We have a special connection with the Central Methodist Church in Pontefract, and when they were organising a fund raising event with proceeds going to the RNLI, they approached us to see if we would provide the central entertainment for the event. For such a worthwhile cause, we could not help but to accept their request, and we played a variety of old and new music for everyone that turned up for the event.

There were a few speeches following the musical section of the evening, and everyone was delighted with the band's performance. The RNLI representative there even passed on a small envelope to us as a generous gift, but as this was a fund-raising event for them, we immediately returned the honour and put it into the fund-raising pot.

BIBA Annual Dinner

Queen's Hotel, Leeds

Friday 8th October 2004

We were asked to perform music for a private event being organised by the British Insurance Brokers Association, which was held in the Queen's Hotel, Leeds. Graham was unable to attend this function, but we were able to dig into the large resource of the band, and Jennifer and Ian both took charge at times throughout the event. Not exactly new ground for either of them, as they both now conduct for the National Methodist Youth Band anyway, so they were perfectly happy in front of our own band.

This was a lovely event for us, in the grand surroundings of the Queen's Hotel, and made all the more interesting, as Steve Brewis, our percussionist, normally attends this dinner himself, and is well known to many of the people there. So the music was delayed from time to time, as many people came up to have a chat with him!

New Hall Ladies Prison


Wednesday 20th October 2004

In 2003 we were asked to perform a concert within the walls of New Hall Ladies Prison as part of a week of cultural activities they had arranged for the inmates. This was very much a new departure for the Band at the time. However the event went very well indeed, and everyone enjoyed it so much, that we have were invited back again a year later to perform another concert for them in 2004.

Once through the security expected at such an establishment. we were soon set up and ready to go as the first members of the audience turned up. Quite a few more attended this year which was good to see, and Graham did a fantastic job of getting them involved, especially as many had never attended anything like a brass band concert before. We kept the programme light and included many well known pieces, and they joined in with clapping and singing to many of the pieces. Once again, it was a very enjoyable event to have attended, and we certainly won't get much more interaction from a "normal" audience, if I may use the term.

Once the concert was over and we had packed away, the staff brought us light refreshments which were very well received. Although not a long concert, it was very full, with few breaks in between items to rest tiring lips. So the drinks, especially, were very welcome indeed.

40's Night

Outwood Memorial Hall

Saturday 23th October 2004

We were invited back to the Outwood Memorial Hall to perform another 40's night Concert. This is where we performed our first such concert last year and it was such a success that they have asked us back. This year, a group of dancers performed the jitter-bug to our music, along with several other dances as the night progressed. Many people got up to join them, several in fancy dress, and the evening was a great hit with everyone, in the NAFI atmosphere that was arranged. For good measure, a lovely pie an pea supper was included.
For a map and directions to the Memorial Hall, click here. Will open a new window.

Central Methodist Church


Saturday 13th November 2004

The Band has close links with the Central Methodist Church in Pontefract. They are currently going through a large refurbishment programme which will modernise the church, improving the facilities that it provides for the local community and making it more accessible for the less mobile.

They are arranging many fund raising events to fund the improvements, and with our close relationship were delighted to perform one of our 40's Night concerts for them, which included, music from the main band and music and singing from our Jazz Quintet, Noteability. A dance group had been brought in to perform various 40's style dancing, and plenty of people got up to join them in the open pieces. A lovely pie & peas style meal was served to everyone to complete the wonderful evening, which was made all the more authentic with several members of the audience and band wearing 40's style cloths and uniforms.

Remembrance Day Parade

St. Andrew's Church, Ferrybridge

Sunday 14th November 2004

We continued to support St. Andrew's church with their Remembrance Day service as usual in 2004. As in previous years, the Band lead hymns during the Remembrance service and Eucharist, before we move outside to lead the procession from the church to the Cenotaph for 11:00am. Here the traditional service of Remembrance continued with hymns and prayers, and of course the playing of the Last Post, beautifully and emotionally performed by Jennifer.

We shall remember them ...

Joint Concert

St. Giles, Pontefract

Sunday 12th December 2004

We joined the Pontefract Choral Society to perform a seasonal concert in lovely surroundings of St. Giles Church, Pontefract. For several weeks leading up to the event, then Band had been rehearsing a piece called "A Christmas Fanfare," which had been written by Phil Higgins, the musical director and conductor for the Pontefract Choral Society, designed for choir and brass band. Just prior to the concert going live, we performed the piece with the choir in the church for the very first time, and all seemed to dove-tail together well. And when the time came to perform it for real during the concert, everything seemed to go to plan, and even Phil was happy with the result. He doesn't get a chance to here his own piece performed with a choir and brass band very often (usually, the choir are accompanied by organ). This piece along with the rest of the concert went off extremely well, and everyone was delighted with the outcome. Following the concert, the performs mixed with the appreciative audience for refreshments that the organisers had put on.

KCB Christmas Concert

Carleton High School

Saturday 18thDecember 2004

The Carleton High School was a new venue for the band for this main event of the Christmas season. It met all our expectations, and the concert went off a treat, with plenty of great music from the main band, some delightful music and singing from the Noteability Jazz Quintet (apologies to Kathryn for problems with sound to her mike), and off course plenty of festive humour from Steve as leader the Bratwursts Oompah Band with their zany costumes.

Even Father Christmas took time out from his busy schedule at this time of year to pay us a visit and provide plenty of gifts to all the children there (including some grown up kids!).

So the concert was a great success with plenty of people saying just how much they had enjoyed the show as they left, and the venue seemed to meet our requirements well, so we hope to be able to use it again for future concerts.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

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