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Next Concert Information


St. John's, Goole

Saturday 13 November - 7:30pm

Details should be announced at rehearsals when confirmed, or keep checking back here as I will post more details when I know them myself.


KCB Notices


Rehearsal Notices

Rehearsals at Power Station

Directions to Power Station

Please note any following changes to the normal rehearsal sessions:

 No changes
to announce
Normal rehearsal times:
  • Arrive 7:15pm (warm up instruments, fix sticking valves etc.)
  • Begin rehearsal at 7:30pm prompt.
  • Normal end at 9:30pm.
    Possible extension to 9:45pm.


Subs are collected from Band members, to go towards the cost of insurance. Current rates are £30.00 or £18.00 for non-waged and/or students.
Rates to be evaluated at the AGM each year.

From 2010:

Subs are due every:
  • January
    (31 March latest)
People paying quarterly:
  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Subs increased due to the increasing cost of band insurance.
Note, this still doesn't even cover half the amount, and the rest is made up by the band.

Next Band Meeting

Tue 2nd Nov 7:30pm Christmas kick-off
Hosted by Ruth
Sun 20th Nov 1:00pm Central Methodist

Next AGM Meeting

Date Time Location
Mon 7th Feb 2011 7:30pmFerrybridge


Ensure you are wearing the correct uniform for concerts. Failure to comply could mean exclusion from the concert. Unless specifically told otherwise, the normal KCB uniform is:

  • White, long-sleeved shirt/blouse
  • Band Jacket (supplied)
  • Band Tie (supplied)
  • Black trousers/skirt
  • Black socks/tights
  • Black shoes, polished
  • All dress should be clean, ironed and tucked-in as appropriate. Top buttons fastened and tie pulled-up. You should appear smart, we are putting over a professional image to our audience. If you have any uniform questions, ask the uniform secretary. You should look and act in a professional manor when representing the Band.

    For our formal occasions, a plain black bow-tie is worn. Please use your own or if you don't have one, see the uniform secretary to see if one can be supplied which will constitute a part of your KCB uniform.

    A colourful waistcoat over a black, open-necked shirt is worn in the Christmas concerts. These are provided by the band and should be returned to the uniform secretary at the end of the concert. Do not take these home with you, as they are maintained by volunteers, ensuring they remain in concert condition (including equal washing methods to keep colours in balance).

    A £10.00 uniform deposit is required once you have joined the band, which is refunded on returned of the uniform if you leave. However, if it is damaged, dirty, or tie/bow-tie is missing, all or part of the deposit may be used to clean, repair or replace as necessary.


    Instrument Care

    A properly maintained instrument sounds bright and performs reliably, whereas a poorly maintained instrument sounds dull, is harder to play and may stick at the most inopportune time.

    Basic instrument care instructions:

    Every session

    • Check valves are not sticking.
    • Check valve caps are just finger tight.
    • Check slides are not sticking.
    • Check mouthpiece is not sticking.
    • Warm instrument before start of rehearsal.
    • Check instrument is in tune.
    • Clean mouthpiece after each session.
    Graham brings a tool kit to most rehearsals that will help with problems with any of the above. See Graham at the start of rehearsals if you need to repair this kind of fault.


    • Take instrument fully apart and soak in clean warm water for at least an hour.
    • Shake, rotate and rinse well to remove debris.
    • Clean holes in valves with appropriate brush or a cloth.
    • Check spit valves are clear and seal properly.
    • Dry each part thoroughly.
    • Clean all parts with a soft cloth.
    • Check all parts for damage and report anything that needs repair.
    • Check valve springs are lively. Don't over-stretch.
    • Smear petroleum gel on the slides and mouthpiece (not too much).
    • Put valve oil on the valves (not too much).
    • Don't tighten the valve caps more than finger tight. A small amount of petroleum gel on the threads will help avoid sticking.

    You are responsible for keeping your instrument in good condition and good working order at all times. Just remember, you may have to contribute to repairs for any damage that comes from neglect or misuse.



    These have been moved to the new Downloads Page since November 2009. Please refer there.


    General Notices


    Want to post something?

    If you have anything to post here, just with the details and I will see what I can do. Doesn't have to be band related. E.g. Want adds, for sale items, advertise non-KCB events you are involved with, love letters, pictures of your dog, etc. etc.


    This is primarily intended for KCB usage, but I'm also willing to accept suggestions from non-KCB people but only if it would be of real interest to our KCB members. Whether something is posted will be solely at the WebMaster's and/or Chairman's discretion, with no correspondence entered into.


    Jokes please

    I've got a Jokes/humour page on the site now, but I'm always after more of your Brass Band or musical jokes to go on the site. You will be credited with providing the joke, as can be seen on the existing page.

    Please contact me with your best Brass Band jokes, and I will publish the clean ones!


    Want HTML Help?

    As the Webmaster for the KCB site (and several others; just ask me for information), I have gained some HTML knowledge, and I code all these pages by hand (no WYSIWYG) which gives me a great insight into how things work here. If you are working on, or thinking about building a web site for yourself, but would like some help, advise or assistance, I would be willing to see what I can do. Either see me at rehearsals, or contact me if that is more convenient. In total confidence if you wish, of course. I'll even consider requests from non-KCB members, if we can come to some agreement.
    Note, I'm not a professional web site designer, more of an enthusiastic amateur!