Useful Links

I don't intend to try and keep an up-to-date list of links to other Brass band web sites. There are already several good sites around that do this (for example, the Brass Band Portal, below). It is very time consuming, and can get out of date very quickly. So I will leave that for others.

This page will be a list of links to other sites where:

  • people have assisted our Band,
  • people have assisted with this web site,
  • another brass band site has requested a reciprocal link with our site,
  • any other valid reason that comes along!

Good places to look for a list of Brass bands include the following:

Brass Band Portal Brass Band Portal


  • DivaA special thanks also to the Development Initiatives for Voluntary Arts (DIVA) for all their help, support, sponsorship and advice in previous years. This has been really appreciated by the Band. DIVA's web site can be found at, or they can be contacted at
  • The animated flag on our Home Page was kindly created by Richard Whincup. Unfortunately his original web site seems to have closed down and I have been unable to locate a new one. If anyone knows how to contact him now, please let me know. I would be happy to take over the animated flag generation if Richard (or someone) could help me out with the procedure?
  • Our site makes use of the free, easy to use and customisable FreeFind Search Engine. For more information or to enable searching on your own web site, please follow the link to their web site.

Reciprocal Links

We are occasionally contacted by other bands and requested to add reciprocal links to our site. As we are always willing to assist other brass bands, I will do so here.

Inactive sites, broken links or where the KCB reciprocal link has been deleted will be removed from the list.

If your group/band/site would like a reciprocal link, please contact the WebMaster.