Sessions and Performances


There are several types of "sessions" held by the band:

Beginners and Improvers

A beginners session is held most Saturdays at 09:30 - 11:30 in Pontefract Methodist Church for anyone to attend, from those completely new to playing a Brass instrument, through improvers, to accomplished players who want to improve their skills further. Please see the Learn to Play section of this site for more information.


For band members, there are normally two rehearsal sessions a week (Monday and Wednesday, 19:45 - 21:45), held at the Ferrybridge 'C' Power Station. Band members must try to attend as many of these as possible, to ensure they are are familiar with all the pieces being prepared for forthcoming concerts. Lack of attendance may result in exclusion from a concert, at the musical director's discretion. Here you will find some directions to the Ferrybridge 'C' Power Station.


There will also be occasional workshop sessions arranged. Invitations to non-band members are often made for these events, as we like to try and involve local people and groups wherever we can help. A guest lecturer will normally be arranged to lead these workshops. In the past, these sessions have proven to be very instructive, informative and enjoyable, and every attempt will be made to keep up the high standard of these occasional sessions. Previous workshops have been led by such renowned people as Andrew MacKereth, James Watson and Jim Shepherd who have all taken the time to come and lead us in musical workshops. But we have also had Dave from All Brass and Woodwind in Leeds, who has come and given us a very interesting insight into the build, design and maintenance of brass instruments.

Information about when and where workshops will be held, will be supplied via the normal contact channels. It is intended to try and hold at least one, if not more, workshops a year.


Of course, another type of sessions is the actual concerts themselves. These are held at various times throughout the year and information about them is supplied via the normal channels and in the Future Events pages.

We are always interested in broadening our audience base, so if you have any suggestions, or would like us to come and perform for you, please get in touch. We can adjust to suit your requirements, such as size of band (full band, small ensemble, the KC Bratwursts, or our Noteability Jazz Quintet), and can adjust our repertoire to suit your needs. We can perform full concerts, be a part of a combined concert, play at private parties and weddings (surprise parties go down well), march at parades and much, much more. If we can help you, just let us know!


Finally, the Band tries to go on tour when opportunities arise. These have included foreign trips to Germany in the past, when we used to have links with a brass band out there before they folded. We also perform concerts further afield in this country, most notably to East Coast locations, when requested. We are often invited to head north to perform at the wonderful open air Beamish museum during the summer months, when we are available.