Ferrybridge 'C' Power Station

Over the years, the Band has been sponsored by the owners of this power station. Originally Powergen, then Edison Mission Energy and more recently AEP, the station is currently owned by Scottish and Southern Energy. We use their Ferrybridge 'C' site to hold our regular, twice weekly rehearsal sessions. When as Powergen, they sponsored a new uniform for the Band and also supplied the trailer which we still use to transport equipment and (larger) instruments to the concerts, and a lock-up cabin for other of the band's equipment. The current owners continue to give us secure premises within their grounds for storage and to park the trailer when it is not in use. All of this goes to reducing what would otherwise be a large financial burden for the band. We are very grateful to them.

Other Sponsors

Throughout the year, the Band performs at various concerts. When these are substantial events organised by the band itself, this can involve quite a large outlay by the band; like the hiring of a suitable venue, for instance. In such cases, we strive to obtain sponsorship from various other sources, where possible.

For three years to 1996, the Christmas Concerts were generously sponsored by the Leeds branch of IBM (the international computer company). Hundreds of bags of sweets for Father Christmas to give away were generously sponsored by Trebor Bassett of Pontefract for the 1997 and 1998 concerts. The Round Table has also sponsored two year's Community Christmas concerts. In 2000 the Community Christmas Concert was very generously sponsored by RBR.
Many thanks to them all.

For a couple of years Jackson & Sons, (a store chain based in Hull) provided generous sponsorship in both monitory and supplies (the mince pies at Christmas were delicious!). McCann & Co., (Insurance Services in Batley) sponsored a fund raising balloon race that we organised at the Knottingley Carnival in 1998. Once again, our thanks go to all of them.

DivaA special thanks also goes to the Development Initiatives for Voluntary Arts (DIVA) for all their help, support, sponsorship and advice over the years. This is certainly appreciated by the Band. In return, the band normally provides a member to be on DIVA's commitee and we are always delighted to perform various concerts for DIVA at some of their events.

Other sponsorship is raised through the purchasing of advertising space in our Concert programmes, and the like.

Can you support KCB?

If you think you could be in a position to assist the Band in any way, large or small, then we would love to hear from you. It doesn't have to be financial, though that is always welcome of course. Goods such as mince pies and bags of sweets have been sponsored before. Advertising of any sort is helpful. Or you might like to volunteer your help at any of our concerts, as we are always looking for people to help with publicity, printing of tickets, flyers and posters, stewarding, setting up the hall, catering, back stage and more. Please contact the band if you can help. Sponsorship and assistance of any sort will gratefully be received, I can assure you.

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