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Contacting KCB

If you would like add a your own entry into our Guest Book or want to contact KCB about the Band or anything in this WEB site, you may do so through the form below. Also, if you are interested in joining the band or giving your support in any capacity, then please get in touch through this form.

We really would like to hear your comments about the band or our WEB site. Even if your comments are negative, it gives us a chance to improve matters. If contacting us about a guest book entry, you can even request that it is made anonymous if you so wish. So don't be shy and please take the time to get in touch.

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Other Contact Methods:

  • Through the Band's secretary, or the Patron's Team:
  • Band Secretary:
    Ruth Price
    39 Westfield Avenue
    West Yorkshire
    WF8 4NN
    01977 795330
    Patron's Secretary:
    Lisa Thorpe
    2 Sandringham Avenue
    WF11 8RG
    07932 652223
  • Through any of these emails:
    • for the Band.
    • for the Band Secretary
    • for the Patrons Scheme
    • to contact the WebMaster for this WEB site
  • Or come along to one of our events, and just have a friendly chat with any of us!

Privacy Information

We do not keep personal information supplied above on file in any way, except when it is included in the guest book page with your permission. Email addresses are never entered into the guest book pages. You may always request that any piece on information you do supply be excluded or removed from the guest book, which we will always honour.

We never pass any information onto third parties for any reason (except if required by law on production of a valid warrant).

We reserve the right not to include any information sent to us for our guest book pages. Inappropriate advertising, unsuitable material, HTML tags, discrimination or offensive material will always be removed from entries, or the whole entry itself completely rejected. No correspondence about our decision to include or exclude will be entered into.