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Past Events 2003


St. Martin's Church


Saturday 8th February 2003

Our traditional start to our season of concerts was again performed at St. Martin's Church in Womersley. We love this concert coming round each year as it marks the beginning of a new year with all the expectations that that brings.

As normal, we were able to introduce several new items into the programme which were enjoyed by the audience, and one particular march had been commissioned by one of the regular audience members at Womersley, and it was a delight to meet him, and everyone associated with the church as much as it was a delight to perform the piece for him.

As normal, the Judith Cooke and the other church followers put on a warm and welcome buffet for the members of the audience and the also the Band, for which we thank them dearly. It is always a pleasure to perform here, and it has started off our season in the best possible way.

German Night

Jenny Wren, Beal

Saturday 23rd February 2002

Our Oompah Band, The KCB Bratwursts, performed another of their Bavarian concerts for a German Night held at the Jenny Wren pub in Beal.

Don and Steve, the pub owners, have been extremely delighted with the turnout out the previous events last year and requested a similar event to be performed in their pub this month. The Oompah band didn't let them down, and to a full audience in the pub, they put on a great show where the entertainment actually got better as the evening progressed, helped by a steady flow of beverage for both the band and the audience, even if the musical crispness was lost towards the end of the evening, adding hugely to the entertainment value. As has become tradition at these events held in the Jenny Wren, the owners even supplied a German Style buffet for everyone during one of the intervals.

If you would like to come along and join all the fun and entertainment, then the next event being held is in August. See our Future events page for more details.

Simpson's Lane School


Wednesday 26th March 2003

Following the recent fire at the school, we were pleased to be able to assist them with their fund raising activities by performing a charitable concert at the school in aid of funds to replace equipment lost in the fire and other thefts around the same time.

As the band prepared for the performance, the audience arrived, and it was made up of quite a lot of children form the school who came along with their folks. As the concert progressed, the natural school teacher talents inside Graham shone through, as he got the children so involved between pieces of music. He introduced each section of the band and got us to show them our instruments. Each time, an instrument was brought forward and several of the children were allowed to have a go each time and try to make a noise. As each child managed to do so, a big round of applause came from the audience and band members alike.

Everyone enjoyed not only the music, but the involvement of the children. We have heard that nearly every one of the children there that evening have now asked to join the school band to play a brass instrument, which reflects the comments of the headmistress on the night itself, when she said the Band ought to take this type of "educational" concert to other schools in the area, as she was so delighted as to what the Band had brought to the school, far more than just a concert of music. Something we would like to do, except that many members have to work during school times, making this not practical.

'Castleford's Reight Neet Aht'

Castleford Civic Centre

Friday 25th April 2003

Whilst performing at Pontefract Castle in 2002, we were approached to see if we could play a part at a Forties Night in April 2003. The event was entitled 'Castleford's Reight Neet Aht', and we are very pleased we took up the chance, as it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening with lots of activities going on, including:
  • Pea and Pie Supper
    Vegetarian option available
  • Marbles tournament
  • George Fornby entertainers
  • 40's singing lead by the Band's own Kathryn Lee and Emma Raynolds
  • Sing-a-long
  • and of course Knottingley Concert Brass
Plenty of people turned up if uniform or forties style dress which added to the whole atmosphere. Young Michael Scott came joint first in the marbles competition, but just lost out in the deciding shoot out. But without doubt, the whole event was enjoyed by everyone who came, which included the band members themselves.


Brampton Christ Church

Saturday 28th June 2003

We were contacted by Carole Wileman and Mark Crump and requested to perform for them at their wedding service to be held in Brampton Christ Church. We are delighted to be able to join them on their special day. We set up on a balcony at the back of the delightful church, from where we could see the whole service. Right on queue, the bride arrived as we performed "Mendellson's Wedding March" and we also led the singing of hymns throughout the service. A couple of other tunes were performed whilst the register was signed and the happily married couple left the church to the ever popular "Trumpet Voluntary".

Everything went according to plan, and I believe everyone there enjoyed the whole occasion of which we were pleased to have been a small part. We wish the Carole and Mark every happiness in their new life together as man and wife.

Band Stand

Queen's Park, Castleford

Sunday 29th June 2003

The Band performed an out door concert in the delightful Band Stand in Castleford's Queen's Park. We have performed here in recent years, supporting the efforts of the park's organisers to to improve the park's facilities and make it more enjoyable and entertaining for its visitors. As always, the band was delighted to help another local organisation with aims such as these.

The weather was fantastic for such an outdoor event and we even decided that jackets would be too hot. This year we were performing as one of the events as part of a full gala day, with lots of stalls, bouncy castles, entertainers, birds of prey displays and more. So there were already plenty of people in the area for the gala, and many of them took some time out of their day there, to sit and listen to us perform. It was a lovely day in lovely weather and we all had a great time performing in this beautiful band stand.

Market Place


Saturday 5th July 2003

The band headed up the A1 to meet in the busy market place in Ripon on this Saturday morning. Though the clouds looked a little grey, the rain stayed away all day fortunately, as we were not under cover for this event. With other events and market stalls in the square, the band burst into life with "Strike up the Band" to begin a very pleasant day of brass band music in it natural home, the wide outdoors. Apparently our music could be heard from a long distance away, and that is probably what helped to bring a good sized crowd which came along and seem to appreciate our music. Even the mayor and mayoress stood on the city hall steps and listened to us for a while.

We played a range of musical styles of pieces throughout the day, from 11:30am to 3:00pm, which included a couple of well earned breaks.

During the second interval, the mayor came over to us and said how much he enjoyed our style of music and how he would have liked to have listened to more, except that they had several other duties to perform that day. However, he has already asked us to return for a similar event next year.

Knottingley Carnival


Saturday 12th July 2003

The carnival organisers got their 2003 request into us very early, to ensure they get in touch before we were booked up for that date (as we had been for the two previous years). Starting from Ferrybridge, we once again led the procession around Knottingley, ending up at the playing fields behind the sports centre.

At one point the whole carnival was close to being cancelled due to lack of floats and support for the event. But thanks to late entries by such as two local Asda Stores, the event went ahead as planned. So there were plenty of floats and entertainers in the procession as we marched around the village on this very hot and sunny day. It was great to see so many people lining the route, cheering everyone on as they marched passed. The break at a local hostelries half way round was very welcome, as was the cooling water from children with water pistols on several of the floats as they sprayed people going by. The processions ended in the playing fields were there were plenty more stalls of food, gifts, games and more going on to entertain the people. Let's hope this event continues to get the support it needs to survive, as it will be a shame to loose yet another village event, in the same way as many other events throughout the country have died away.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

KCB Patrons Concert 2003

King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 19th July 2003

Entitled Musical Souvenirs this year's Patrons' Concert contained a wide variety of music, old and new for the enjoyment of our specially invited audience, along with the general public who came along and to enjoy the show. The scene was first set with just Steve Brewis, our percussionist on the stage opening the show for a solo introduction, soon to be joined by the remainder of the band who were gathered each side of the stage. The piece started gently and grew to a wonderful crescendo, and was an excellent start to the occasion.

As usual, the concert provided more than just the band playing, and there was some lovely singing from Karen and Emma during our forties section where many of the audience joined in, and percussion instruments were handed out to many of the children so they could play along with the band to several pieces. The Oompah Band once again provided great hilarity and enjoyment with just a few items from their repertoire, and this was made all the more hilarious as Steve, the front man, was rapidly loosing his voice, to everyone's amusment.

The feedback from the people as they left was probably the best we have had in years, as they all seemed to enjoy the show show much, and this has continued after with several people contacting the band at a later time to say how much it was enjoyed.

Oompah Band

Robin Hood

Friday 22nd August 2003

Our very own Bratwursts Oompah performing their unique Bavarian style concerts for the the Robin Hood pub in Pontefract, for the second year in succession. Following last year's success they put on an even better performance this year and it was standing room only as people filled the yard to see the show. There was plenty of audience participation with the band getting people to stand on chairs to sing the "Robin Hood Anthem" which popped up regularly throughout the evening, and there were other opportunities to sing along with the band. Plenty of food had been laid on by the pub, which was heartily enjoyed by everyone, and as more alcohol was consumed throughout the evening by both the audience and the band, so the entertainment grew. By the end, the band were almost forced to perform two encores before they were finally allowed to pack up for the evening, as the audience didn't want the event to end because they were having so much fun.

50th Birthday and 40s Night

Kellingley Club

Saturday 23th August 2003

Unfortunately, this 1940's style evening to celebrate a 50th Birthday had to be cancelled by the family following a double booking of the venue.



Saturday 20th September 2003

One of the Band member's brother got happily married, and the Band had been asked to perform at the ceremony. It is an honour to have been requested, and of course we performed for them on their happy day.

Set up at the front of the church, we were in full view of the congregation and well placed to witness the ceremony itself. We performed some pieces as their guests arrived and then with tears of joy in his eyes and almost overcome with emotion, the groom took his new wife, with the church organ leading the hymns. During the signing of the register, we again entertained with more music, even receiving a round of applause; not common for such events. Everyone in the Band would all like to wish the couple all the happiness in their new life together.

KCB 40's Night

Outwood Memorial Hall

Saturday 27th September 2003

An event that the Band has thought about doing for some time, is an evening featuring the great music of the 1940's. As it happened, we were asked to perform as part of another 1940's evening earlier in the year, which has spurred us on to finally putting our own event into place.

And what a great evening it turned out to be. We had arranged for a full evening of forties style entertainment, which not included the Main band performing a lot of music from the period, but Kathryn also sang several lovely songs accompanied by her brother, Paul on the keyboard. Then Martin and Simon Coates, along with Kathryn and Paul again, performed in public for the first time as a new band. So new, they hadn't even got around to giving themselves a name at the time! Along with singing and music, we had puzzles and word-searches based on forties questions, and there would even have been a quiz if the questions and answers hadn't been forgotten! During the interval we served "tea and cakes," again quite traditional for the period, whilst forties music was played in the background for people to dance to.

Many of the Band and audience dressed in forties costume which added greatly to the event, and we believe we have a full and workable package to offer, for anyone or any group after an all-round evening of forties entertainment!

New Hall Ladies Prison


Wednesday 22nd October 2002

A new departure for the Band, we had been invited to perform for the inmates of New Hall Ladies Prison, as part of a week of cultural activities.

Most of the Band had never stepped inside a prison complex before, so this was something of a new experience to us all. However, despite the obvious security precautions, and many locked gates to have to pass through, the process was far from overwhelming, and even the younger Band members did not find anything too arduous. In fact the staff could not have been more friendly and helpful.

We set up inside the chapel as the inmates began to arrive, and on-queue, Graham introduced the pieces in turn as we gave them a tour of how Brass music has evolved over the many years it has been in existence, from early formal marches, through Jazz and films, to modern Rock & Pop. A superb solo by Russell Simpson, which he performed for the first time in public, was very well received by audience and Band members alike, and Russell seemed to have made good friends of some of the inmates, who joyfully called out his name in between pieces after that point.

It was quite hard work for the Band, due to the limited time we had available, we put in a lot of music in a very short time. But everyone there seemed to leave very happily, and the staff invited us for well earned refreshments after we had packed up, when they too expressed their grateful thanks for an enjoyable evening.

So we hope they all enjoyed their concert as much as we enjoyed the experience of being inside a prison complex.

Remembrance Day Parade

St. Andrew's Church, Ferrybridge

Sunday 9th November 2002

We continued to support St. Andrew's church with their Remembrance Day service as usual. As in previous years, the Band led hymns during the Remembrance service and Eucharist, before we move outside to lead the procession from the church to the Cenotaph for 11:00am. Here the traditional service of Remembrance continued with hymns and prayers, the laying of wreaths and of course the playing of the Last Post performed with emotion by Jennifer.

Holy Cross Drama Group

Holy Cross Church Hall, Airedale

Monday 17thth November 2003

Following a very successful fund raising concert for the HCDG group in 2002, they invited us back to perform another lively concert as a part of their active fund raising process. Of course we were very happy to help them in this way, as it is one of the Band's aims to support other local groups like this when we can.

The characteristics of the hall initially made out music seem intense, but we quickly adjusted and put on a fine performance for the group. As several band members are in, or have been members of HCDG, the interval was a friendly time, full of people catching up with old friends. HCDG members had put on a wonderful buffet for audience and Band alike, which was very well received by all. Even the hungry members of the band couldn't polish off all the food available!

Festive Fund Raising Concert

Memorial Hall, Outwood

Sunday 7thth December 2003

We were asked to return to the Memorial Hall in Outwood again this year for another festive fund raising concert. We have performed similar concerts here in recent years which have been very enjoyable indeed, and this one was no exception. Despite the slightly small audience turn out, the band still performed to the highest caliber to the delight of those people who did turn up.

Christmas Concert

New College, Pontefract

Tuesday 9thth December 2003

The band had been requested to perform a Christmas Concert at New College in aid of the Pontefract Hospice. As always, we were delighted to support such a worthwhile local group. We shared the concert with the Sharlston Male Voice Choir, and two groups from the college itself, making this an evening of great variety and contrast in musical styles. Something for everyone, and many there quite obviously enjoyed it all.

Community Celebrations

Five Towns Fellowship Hall, Knottingley

Sunday 14thDecember 2003

This was the last time that this concert will be held in the Fellowship hall, as it will be flattened in 2004 to make way for new developments in the area. However, this was a charming evening, combining the true meaning of Christmas with music and song in many styles. As usual the children stole the hearts of everyone with their delightful singing. Lets hope a new venue can be found for 2004 and that this wasn't the last event of this type in the area.


KCB Christmas Concert

King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 20thDecember 2003

This years concert was, entitled "A Time To Celebrate" and contained many pieces from our brand new festive CD of the same name. The CD went on sale at this concert and was very popular with the audiance after they heard the wonderful music at the concert itself.

As well as the main band, there was plenty of variety in the form of the popular Bratwursts Oompah Band and a performance from an excellent splinter group of the Band who only got together earlier in year. The concert alsoincluded all the usual opportunities to join in the fun and singing which have become popular with our own Christmas Concerts over recent years.

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