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Past Events from 1998


Snaith Parish Church

Saturday 12th September 1998

First concert after the 1998 summer holidays. We were made very welcome and performed several pieces that we hope to put onto our new CD/tape, (for which recording began on Friday 18th September).
The concert went off fine, and was well received by the audience. One "extra" musical item was included; a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Rosie, who's 12th Birthday it was.
Several tapes and CDs were sold (the "old" ones) with a genuine interest being shown on the new ones. A promising start?


A new CD and tape!

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September 1998

We laid down a whole new set of great tracks for the new CD and Tape to be released later in 1999 (things did not get completed in time them to be ready for Christmas and the two Christmas Concerts, as we had originally hoped). The two sessions went very well at the Methodist Church, Normanton, and we have very high hopes of an excellent result. See our Shop page for more details.

Patron's Concert

Five Towns Fellowship Hall, Knottingley

Saturday 26th September 1998

It was that time of the year, again, when the band gave thanks to its Patrons and Sponsors, by performing a concert on their behalf. This is quite a special event in the Band's calendar, and the band performed to their normal high standards.

This year's Patron's Concert was called "Night and Day" and contained mixture of old and new pieces (several from the new CD/tape), which was very well received by the members of the audience.

Because of the recent concentration on preparing for that recording session, the advertising of the event had not gone to plan. Due to this, the numbers attending were not quite as high as we would have liked. Our own fault, but there you go. A pity, as it was a good performance. Having said that, the event still made a small profit for the band, and we even recruited a couple more Patrons, just on the basis of that performance alone. If you would also like to know more about the patrons, or even possibly becoming a patron yourself, please click here!

KC Bratwursts Oompah Band

East Hardwick Village Hall

Friday 23rd October 1998

This was a brand new venture for the band. Several of the members have formed into an Oompah band, complete with traditional costumes, including Ian Yager in a dress and full bosom! (Sorry if you missed that - it was a one-off, unfortunately). Their first performance in public was for the local Hospice, and it was a scream according to everyone who saw it! My advice is, if you get the chance to see them, do so! Everyone is very impressed, especially as this was their first go at it! Their next performance in public will be the Christmas Concert in the Castleford Civic Centre on December 19th.

Yorkshire Outlet, Doncaster

Saturday 31st October 1998

Once the whole band managed to arrive at the event (many got stuck in the terrible hold up in the A1 road-works!), the band again performed at Doncaster's Yorkshire Outlet shopping centre. As normal this was a free, open-air event, where we played many of our popular pieces, whilst the shoppers went about their business, making savings in the surrounding stores.

Six Societies Concert

Civic Centre, Castleford

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th November 1998

The Band was one of six groups who regularly use the Castleford Civic Centre for their events. These two concerts were arranged at the request of audiences, to give another show of this type (the last one being held two years ago). It took quite a lot of organising to get all six societies organised, but the two nights went off very well indeed, with both nights ending with all six groups on stage together (I still don't know how they managed that trick!) for an emotional rendition of Pomp and Circumstances.
The six societies:
  • Knottingley Concert Brass
  • Kippax Amateur Operatic Society
  • Castleford Choral Society
  • Castleford Gilbert and Sullivan Society
  • Castleford Young Musicians
  • Castleford Male Voice Choir

Yorkshire Outlet, Doncaster

Saturday 28th November 1998

Not so many problems getting down the A1 this time, toYorkshire Outlet shopping centre. As normal this was a free, open-air event, where we played many of our popular pieces, including several Christmas pieces to create a festive atmosphere whilst the shoppers went about their business, making early savings in time for Christmas, in the surrounding stores. Despite some cold fingers by the end of the session, the band did a sterling job, and everyone I spoke to was impressed, and the overall youthfulness of the Band was pointed out by several of the shoppers.

Powergen Christmas Luncheon

Hilton Hotel, Leeds

Wednesday 2nd December 1998

An opportunity for the Band to say "Thank you" to its main sponsors, by providing a (private) performance during Powergen's annual Christmas luncheon for their retired people. Despite being a mid-day, mid-week event, many Band members made a special effort to be able to attend this event, making it just that little bit more special for their retired folks. Reports back to the event were extremely kind and generous in their praise for the band, which made everyone's efforts all the more rewarding. Not to mention that the band got a free meal into the bargain!

Joint Churches Christmas Carol Concert


Wednesday 2nd December 1998

We had been invited to play at this Christmas event for the Streethouses community, which was switch to the junior school at the last minute. Whilst the band did its normal role of bring a mixture of Christmas and other up tempo music to their event, we were NOT the heroes of the day! This honour fell to the 14-strong, young girl choir who performed for the very first time in front of a live audience. They gave us 4 delightful festive songs, including a little duet by a couple of the girls (apologies to them. I had taken notes so as to be able to name names, but the note went through the washing machine .... Ho hum...). Looking around, I could see some proud mums and dads in the audience. Lovely.

None of the band won the giant Tigger in their raffle, either!


Community Christmas Concert

Five Towns Fellowship Hall, Knottingley

Friday 4th December 1998

This Christmas Concert was specifically aimed towards the elderly of the local community, with complimentary tickets having been given away to many old folks and nursing homes in the area.

The event was moved to the Five Towns Fellowship Hall, because it has better access for our less mobile and wheelchair bound members of the audience. It was a lively evening of festive music and singing. The old folk who have attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves (and can't wait for next year's event).

A surprise chorus of "Happy Birthday" was also sung for yours truly, to celebrate my 40th birthday, and my thanks go to all, for that.

The event was very generously sponsored by The Round Table and IBM. Our warmest thanks go to them.

Old Folk's Christmas Concert

Carlton Community Centre

Tuesday 8th December 1998

This is the third year that Carlton has laid on a Christmas Concert for the old folks of the area, and each year, KCB has attended to provide Christmas music during and after their meal.

There was plenty of opportunity for singing along to a lot of the well known festive songs, which went down very well with everyone.

The organisers have been in touch to say how pleased they were with everything that went off that evening, and how much everyone enjoyed our performance. Once again, it was a pleasure to be able to do this for them.

Yorkshire Outlet, Doncaster

Small Ensemble

Saturday 12th December 1998

Unfortunately, due to several members of the ensemble band being unable to attend on that date for various reasons, and to ensure that we had a full band for the evening's Hospice Concert, we had to cancel this engagement.

Hospice Concert

The Town Hall, Pontefract

Saturday 12th December 1998

We performed in a combined Christmas Concert at the town hall, Pontefract, with two other groups, in what turned out to be a very enjoyable, festive evening of fun and music (once they managed to sort out who was going to compare the event!). The three performing organisations are:
  • Knottingley Concert Brass
  • Houghton Main, Male Voice Choir
  • Orchard Hood School Choir
The schools choir gave us some lovely festive songs and the Male voice choir's superb talents shone through as always with their variety of pieces. The audience were also given a chance to join in with a rendition of "You'll never walk alone". KCB, without Steve the percussionist, still managed a wonderful performance, with Graham in really good spirits playing to the audience and getting them involved, especially in the second half of the event. The choir were handed out a variety of percussion instruments, and helped(?) us by banging, bashing and shaking along to one of the pieces.
Then every one joined in what has become a feature of this event "The twelve days of Christmas" with each half of the audience having their own "days" to sing and the twelfth day being allocated to the Band!
As normal, this was a great event and was thoroughly enjoyed by the packed audience. If you missed it, you really missed out. But then there's always next year ...

The proceeds from this event are going to the Prince of Wales Hospice

(Registered charity NO514999)

(Just to round the evening off, I found myself locked in the town hall after everyone had cleared up after the event. I got myself out of a side door and had to get police assistance to get the place secured properly again. Just one the joys, of working with this Band!)


Christmas Concert

Civic Centre, Castleford

Saturday 19th December 1998

This was our main evening of lively, festive music and singing, and what a night it was!

The audience was enthralled right from the outset, with our opening number of various James Bond themes, accompanied by lighting and sound effects, along with two members of the band posing as Mr. Bond himself, followed by Graham's atmospheric entrance, also doing a Bond impersonation. And the first piece was only just underway!

It's been many years since the Band put on a Christmas show without having some form of alternate band or choir joining us. There had been some concern that this year's event may lack something because of it. But the effort put in by the Band members during rehearsals, to produce new and exciting forms of entertainment went off so well, that there was no hint of it being any less of an event than in previous years. As well as the opening James Bond diversions, we had a singing duet of Ruth and Kathryn accompanied by Jennifer on the piano, and after the interval, Steve and the Oompah band had everyone in fits of laughter as they put on a part of their own show. And to top it off, Graham got the whole audience jumping up and down, and waving arms about to a couple of German drinking songs!

Oh, and yes, we did still find time to fit in some more of the normal Christmas songs and carols, and we even had a visit from Father Christmas himself! The evening ended with White Christmas being sung, with hundreds of balloons being released onto the audience.

This was a night to remember, and all that came certainly enjoyed themselves to the full.

We have made some photographs of this occasion available in our Gallery pages.

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