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A Time To Celebrate CD
Celebrate Playing List


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A Time To Celebrate CD

The band put together the recordings for this CD over the course of two sessions during summer and autumn of 2003, which was then released during November of that year. This CD is full of festive music, and is entitled "A Time To Celebrate."

So yes, there we were in shorts and tee-shirts on a very hot and sunny summer's day, blasting out the sounds Christmas music, probably to the amusement of any passers by and residents local to the Vale High School where the recordings were made.

This time we only produced the music in CD format, but we have decided to take on a lot of the production work ourselves rather than going through a production company, thereby keeping the costs of making the CDs to a minimum.

Night and Day CD
Night & Day Playing List

Night and Day CD

In the summer of 1998, the band put in a lot of time and effort in rehearsing a completely new collection of pieces for a new CD/Tape for 1999. In September 1998, these sound tracks were committed to tape at Normanton Church.

With over 70 minutes of great brass band music, we still have some these CDs for sale today.

Night and Day Tape
Night & Day Playing List

Night and Day Tape

Exactly the same content as the CD (see above), but in Tape format
Creative Sounds CD
Creative Sounds Playing List

Creative Sounds CD

Back in 1994, when the band were still known as Knottingley Youth Brass, they produced a CD and Tape of several of their most popular pieces at the time. We still have some these CDs for sale today.
Creative Sounds Tape
Creative Sounds Playing List

Creative Sounds Tape

Exactly the same content as the CD (see above), but in Tape format

25th Anniversary Mug

This full-sized high quality ceramic mug was presented to each of the current band members on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the band in 2001. The remaining mugs then went on sale to our audiences as a souvenir.

The design is black lettering with the official KCB logo surrounded by the text "KNOTTINGLEY CONCERT BRASS 25th ANNIVERSARY" over a bright white background and coated with a high quality glaze. Height 9cm, diameter 8cm plus handle.

Last few remaining.

Personalised Badge
Small £1:50
Large £1:75

Personalised Badges

Show your support for the Band, with one of our personalised badges. These are thin metal construction with a paper design under a plastic cover to give a professional looking finish. Individually hand made by the band.

Available in two sizes. Approximate size:
   Small: 2¼" / 5.8cm diameter
   Large: 3" / 7.5cm diameter
Available in two styles:
   I love KCB
   #1 Fan
Each badge is personalised with your name (up to 10 characters).
If you need a longer name, please contact the band in advance of your order to see if anything can be arranged.

Music Pin

Music Pin Badge

A professionally made pin badge, with black musical notes on a red stave, over a white background. Made of enamel on a strong metal backing. The pin is secured with a butterfly style fastening, which is slightly offset from centre to aid the badge hanging correctly. Size approximately 2.2cm by 1.5cm. Not KCB specific in design, so may be used for any event with a musical theme.

For Sale

All these items are normally offered for sale at any of our performances, or they may be ordered through our secretary, by sending a cheque for the relevant amount, plus postage and packing. Use the postage and packing calculator below to work out the correct amount for your order. Please make your cheques out to Knottingley Concert Brass. Cheques can only be accepted if made out in sterling and be drawn against a UK bank.
The item(s) will be dispatched as soon as the cheque clears, but please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Don't forget to include your return address!

Alternatively, you may purchase your order online, using the PayPal shopping basket. Details follow.

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To order any items from KCB, please follow these easy steps:

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  3. For our personalised badges, also enter the name and choose the badge style.
  4. The hit the 'PayPal Add to basket' button next to that item.
  5. A new PayPal window will open, showing the item in your basket. You can confirm the payment will be made to the band, by checking the top line of the screen to see that payment is going to: KCB@orpheusmail.co.uk.
  6. If you want another item, close the PayPal window to return to this page (don't worry, the information will not be lost in your PayPal basket!). Then choose your next item, as above. You will see these added to your PayPal basket when you click on the appropriate 'PayPal Add to basket' button again.
  7. Once you have selected all your items, close the PayPal once more to return here. Go down to the Postage and Packing section below, and add the appropriate P&P amount to your basket. Details of how to do this are given below. We are sorry but KCB are unable to send items until full postage and packaging costs have also been received.
  8. With the PayPal cart window displayed again, check that your PayPal basket includes the correct number of items and P&P, hit the 'Checkout' button to confirm your order. At this point, you will be invited to enter your PayPal userid if you already have one, or open a new account. This is quick, free and secure. Follow the PayPal instructions to complete your order.
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  • Once we have received your order details from PayPal, we will email you to confirm the order is being processed. If there is a query, we will also contact you via email.
  • Where possible we will endeavour to send the items within three working days or earlier. But please allow up to 28 days for delivery. You will be emailed again when the items are dispatched.
  • In the very unlikely event that you do not hear from the band within three working days, please contact the band, giving your email address and PayPal order number.
  • Items are sent by first class post where possible. Larger or heavier orders may be shipped by parcel post. International orders will be sent AirMail.
Happy shopping!
TitleFormatPriceQtyBuy with
Time to CelebrateCD £3:00
Night & Day CD £3:00
TAPE £2:00
Creative Sounds of Knottingley Youth Brass CD £3:00
All 3 CDs discount package
  • Time to Celebrate CD
  • Night & Day CD
  • Creative Sounds CD
CD £8:00

Save £1:00

Both Tapes discount package
  • Night & Day Tape
  • Creative Sounds Tape
Tape £3:00

Save £1:00

Non-musical items
25th Anniversary KCB MugMug£3:00
Large Personalised Badge (3")
Name    (Max 10 characters)
Style: I love KCB # 1 FAN
Badge £1:75
Small Personalised Badge (2¼")
Name    (Max 10 characters)
Style: I love KCB # 1 FAN
Badge £1:50
Music Pin BadgePin £1:00

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