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50th Birthday


Saturday 8th January 2005

A friend of some band members reached 50 years old this year, and she and her family wanted to make this a special occasion. So they organised a party and combined charity event. As they enjoy the band, we were asked to come and perform as a surprise to everyone at the event. So we quietly waited on stage behind closed curtains, until the signal was given, at which point the band, lead by Jennifer on this occasion, burst into life, and the curtains were opened. The whole event went off very well, and we were invited to join them all for the massive buffet during the interval.

As we were being paid out of the proceeds from this charity event, it was decided to give our fee back, and request that it go to the Asian Disaster Fund, as this event was barely two weeks after that terrible disaster.

St. Martin's Church


Saturday 5thFebruary 2005

The first Saturday in February would not be complete, without our regular visit to St. Martin's Church, Womersley, where we are always made very welcome. Various commitments meant we were missing a few players this year, but we had allowed for this and arranged a concert to suit those who were there. The music was obviously enjoyed by everyone filling the church hall as usual, and we had a great time, in response to their obvious enjoyment. As always, after the concert finished, they served food and drink to everyone, including the band, which is always welcome. Proceeds from the event are being ploughed back into the church restoration fund. We are looking forward to returning in 2006 already.

Charity Concert

King's High School, Pontefract

Monday 30th April 2005

We were asked by the local Pontefract Rotary Club to perform at fund raising concert that organised, along side two other groups, to raise money various charities the club supports both locally and internationally. These three groups, Ackworth Youth Choir, Spirit of Harmony Barbershop Choir and of course KCB, have performed together on previous occasions very successfully for similar fund raising activities.

This event was also special to the Pontefract Rotary Club, as it was their centenary year. But as their motto states, "Service before Self," they did not make a big deal of their anniversary, other than a mention in the concert programme. Most groups would have made much more of such a significant anniversary, but they preferred to concentrate on the talents of the three groups performing on the day. How selfless is that.

The concert was a great success, with the youthful voices of the Ackworth Youth Choir endearing themselves to everyone there. They had even attended a workshop that afternoon held by the Spirit of Harmony choir, and had learnt a piece in just 20 minutes, that they performed for the first time during the concert in the evening. Well done to them. The Spirit of Harmony Barbershop Choir put on their usual very professional and entertaining performance, and we were all treated to the two pieces they were preparing for the International Barbers Shop competition which was being held in Brighton, a couple of weeks after this concert. KCB were also there to both open and close the concert, except for the finale which had been requested, were all the performers came forward to lead the singing of "Ikley Moor".

Feedback following the event showed us just how much everyone enjoyed the whole evening, and I know that the Rotary Club raised a significant amount for their charities, that they were delighted with.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Beamish Museum

County Durham

Sunday 19th June 2005

We were invited to perform a turn-of-the-1900th-century period concert at the lovely Town Park Bandstand in the grounds of the fascinating open-air Beamish Museum.

We made a full day of it, by inviting family members and KCB Patrons to join us on the coach, traveling up in the morning and arrived just as the museum opened. This left us with plenty of time to see and enjoy the exhibits for ourselves, before we begin our own performance in the band stand in the afternoon. The weather was fantastic as we explored the live exhibits, and some of us also brought picnics to enjoy in the glorious sunshine, whilst others used the facilities of the museum.

When the time came for us to perform, there was a good crowd around the bandstand, when our specially prepared music filled the air which could be heard throughout a lot of the museum, and so was enjoyed by many people visiting other parts at the time.

It was a delightful day, and wonderful spot to perform in. Given the opportunely, we would certainly perform there again. Even the forecast thunderstorms did not arrive in time to spoil the day. As we all boarded the coach in the evening, the first few drops of rain fell, and had turned to a storm by the time we left the car park. We traveled through some extremely heavy rain, and on arriving back at Ferrybridge, discovered that the river had broken its banks and cause flooding and chaos back in those parts. Luckily for us, we had not been affected like those unfortunate people.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

40's Night

South Cave

Saturday 17th October 2005

The Band headed off east along the M62 to perform one of our special 40's Night concerts for the local people of South Cave. As well as the usual forties style music, we entertained the audience with puzzles and games. There would have been a quiz, except the answers were accidentally left behind! Ooops!

Everyone enjoyed themselves, and we were all treated to a wonderful buffet during the interval. Later in the evening, many people got up and danced along with both the main Band and our Jazz group, Noteability, who also performed an excellent selection of pieces as part of our full entertainment package for the evening.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

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