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Past Events 2002


St. Martin's Church


Friday 18th January 2002

As has become somewhat of a tradition in recent times, our first concert of the new year was held in the lovely St. Martin's Church, Womersley. Some members of the Band were unable to attend, but for this very tight location, it turned out to be a bit of a blessing, and for the first time here, the Band was organised something near a normal formation, without having members pushed out too far to the side or back!

It was nice to see many familiar faces again this year in the audience, though one face, Judith Cooke of the church was unfortunately unable to be with us this year, and was missed by us. But as always, everyone else made us extremely welcome.

The concert itself was a mixture of new and old some pieces that we had not performed here before. Being at the very start of our season, we don't have many brand new pieces prepared to performance readiness, though we did include one that had only seen three rehearsals. The skill level that the Band has reached in recent years meant that this piece, and several others that we had only just rehearsed once or twice after a long gap, went fine, and the whole concert went off very well. As usual after the performance, the church members brought round food and drink refreshments, which were very much appreciated by the Band and audience alike.

Once we get to Womersley, the Band know the new season has really got under way, and we have a brand new year to look forward to.

German Night

Jenny Wren, Beal

Saturday 23rd February 2002

Our Oompah Band, The KCB Bratwursts, performed one of their Bavarian concerts for a German Night run at the Jenny Wren pub in Beal. Several of the other Band members went along to give them our support, in what was an evening of hilarious entertainment. Steve, their front may, did a wonderful job of leading the entertainment and keeping everyone involved, including opportunities for the audience to join the band playing various instruments such as the big Bass, the euphonium and even the very traditional Bavarian instrument, the dijerydoo(!).

Don and Steve, the pub owners, were extremely delighted with the turnout. Never had the Jenny Wren been so full. Further events are almost certain to follow. All the people of the village who attended have said how much the evening was enjoyed. Certainly a good night was had by all who came.

Charity Fund-Raising Concert

King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 16th March 2002

We were asked by the Pontefract Rotary Club to perform along side the Ackworth Youth Choir and the Spirit of Harmony Barbershop Choir for a second time, after a very successful charity fund raising event with the same two organisations, two years previous in 2000. Proceeds from this event going to the Prince of Wales Hospice and other Local Charities.

It was a delight to see an almost packed full hall, as we opened the first event with our first spot. The children of the Youth Choir then delighted the audience with their wonderful singing in several styles, to show off their versatility. The second half opened with the Barbershop choir all dressed in their smart jackets and extremely bright waistcoats. As well as wonderful harmonic singing, their act is full of humour both during and between the pieces. As a surprise they then invited the youth choir back on stage to join them for the song "I Believe" that they had rapidly put together during the interval! The Band then returned for our second set, but the singers had already stolen the show. Then it was everyone on stage for the finale "On Ilkley Moor". A wonderful time has had by all, but from the looks of the capacity audience, the biggest winners will have been the charities benefiting from the event.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

St. Mary's Church


Friday 3rd May 2002

We had a very warm welcome once again to St. Mary's Church in the lovely village of Badsworth. This has become an annual event for the Band, and we were delighted to continue to support them in this way.

The Band practically filled the front of the church hall, and with the audience looking on we performed many of the pieces we had been recently rehearsing to make up our current programme of music. During the interval the Band were treated to refreshments, as they always do, which were very welcome. Many thanks to them for that. I think the whole event was well enjoyed by everybody, and we look forward to having an opportunity to return sometime in the future.

Commemorative Concert

Ropewalk Methodist Chapel, Knottingley

Saturday 11th May 2002

Despite being in the very heart of the area that the Band calls its own, it had been a long time since the Band performed in the Ropewalk Methodist Chapel in Knottingley, and most of the current Band had not been in the building before. However, it was the church used by a long term patron of the Band, Jean Austerberry, a well loved and active supporter of the Band for many, many years, but who sadly passed away in 2001. This concert was held to honour the life of this well loved person, and as such, contained many of the pieces that we knew she particularly enjoyed to hear the Band play. It certainly wasn't a dull and sombre occasion, as we are sure she wouldn't have wanted it that way, so we turned it into a lively celebration of the life such a lovely and lively person.

It was a pleasure to see in the audience her two children, one of whom, Steve, has also been a member of the Band in the past. The whole event went off very well indeed, and we had particularly been asked to perform "Lord of the Dance," which of course we did, as a finale to the evening.

After the concert was over, the church laid out a huge buffet supper for the Band, which was a super surprise to us. Even with the large appetites of several band members (myself included) we were unable to eat our way through all the food laid out for us. Many thanks indeed for preparing such a wonderful spread.

We all hope it will not be so long again, before the Band return to perform again for the church.

Patron's Concert - "Images for Brass"

King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 15th June 2002

The audience had bought their tickets and were seated expectantly for the start of the show. And what better way to start any journey than with a Fanfare, which is what we did, with the sounds of "Fanfare and Flourishes" filling the hall.
This year's Patrons' concert was very much like a journey, taking the audience on a ride through many different and varied places, as well as subjecting them to different emotions along they way. With Susan as the diver taking us from place to place as she introduced the various pieces, we moved back in time to the Scottish Isles with the "Skye Boat Song", through to romantic Spain taking along the way an breathtaking recorder solo from Rosie Yager. If you have never heard Rosie make her records sing, I really urge you to do so. The first half was wrapped up with a change of location and mood as we moved to the Pacific where our title piece "Images For Brass" pictures in sound, the horrors of war as the US forces took the Japanese island of Iwo Jima, but encountering huge casualties before the flag of victory could be raised, a very powerful end to the first half.

After the interval, we have changed location and mood yet again, as our very own Oompah band, The KC Bratwursts, in full costume, had the audience clapping along to their humerus German drinking tunes. After which a break in the music for a short while, as Steve took the microphone to make an announcement that this concert wrapped up KCB's 25th anniversary year. Graham and Susan Dean have been involved for all of those 25 years, and they have both given so much, and given up so much to support the Band over those years. So we felt it was only right acknowledge this, and Steve had a great pleasure to call them forward and ask Sue Smith to present them with a painting that the Band had commissioned from local artist Dave Newbold, of the Band when they performed in Queen's Park, Castleford, during that anniversary year. Then it was back to the music and on with the journey as we head West to the US state of Oregon with our second major piece of the concert, which depicts the wide open expanses of the state, the wonderful sunrises and the life of the cowboys as they go about herding cattle, at the rodeo and telling stories under the stars around a camp fire. After passing through a couple of other stops on the journey, we ended up back in the states, with "New York New York". The applause we received was very warming, so as an encore, we hopped back across the Atlantic one more time to Ireland, for a rendition of our ever popular "Lord of the Dance". It was without doubt a wonderful journey through places and emotions, and the feedback we have received showed that our fellow "passengers" thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.


Allerton Castle, Knaresborough

Saturday 22th June 2002

We were delighted to have been asked (back in 2000!) to take the Band to play at a wedding in the beautiful surroundings of Allerton Castle. We played several background pieces as the guests arrived, and then turned up the volume as the bride in her beautiful white wedding dress came down the dramatic staircase on the arm of her father and with seven bridesmaids in matching purple dresses following on behind, to then walk down the isle to meet her soon to be husband. We also entertained the guests with more background music as the register was signed, and finally upped the tempo again as the happy couple, now married, left the spectacular hall, with their guests moving out onto the immaculate lawns of the castle where photos were taken on the lawns and steps. Even the weather stayed nice and sunny for them, despite a showery forcast!
Camera With their permission, I have been able to put some photographs of their big day onto the gallery pages.

Mason's Fund Raising Concert

Town Hall, Pontefract

Monday 1st July 2002

Due to organisational problems, this concert was cancelled.

Seven Societies Concerts

Civic Centre, Castleford

Friday & Saturday 5th & 6th July 2002

Every couple of years, the "Friends of Castleford Civic Centre" (a group consisting of seven societies now), get together over 2 evenings, to bring you a concert full of variety, where the proceeds go towards improvments to th evenue. The 2002 "Friends" consist of:
  • Encore Theatre Company
  • Castleford Choral Society
  • Kippax Amateur Operatic Society
  • Castleford Gilbert and Sullivan Society
  • Castleford Young Musicians
  • Castleford Male Voice Choir
  • and of course, Knottingley Concert Brass
Both evenings went off extremely well, and included the great variety of musical entertainment that had been promised. Everyone got on stage for the finale, which resulted in two conductors having to be used, as the Band were completely surrounded by members of the other groups meaning they could not see the conductor! One incident worth a mention, was when two of our younger members got stuck between floors in the old lift for over half an hour. This does go to highlight some of the access problems that this venue really needs to address, if it wants to continue to host excellent events such as this.

Queen's Golden Jubilee


Saturday 13th July 2002

Their Golden Jubilee celebrations had the Band, along with some family and supports, on a coach that sunny Saturday morning down to Mansfield. The day's events started off with what was described as a mile long parade around Mansfield, but which turned out to be around the three mile mark! KCB was asked to bring up the rear of the parade and we were followed every step of the way by a very enthusiastic crowd. Ahead of us in the parade was another band and plenty of other groups, including a local dog's group. One of their members stopped to talk to someone in the crowd and his dog strayed in front of Martin, our B-flat bass player, nearly causing a minor disaster. But all went well as the parade was cheered all the way round, and the weather remained fantastic all day, maybe even a little too hot. During the afternoon, we performed a concert in the band stand in the middle of Mansfield, which went off very well indeed. This was a very interesting and enjoyable day for everyone who made it down to Mansfield that day.

Grove Nursing Home


Sunday 21st July 2002

Grove Nursing Home had requested that we perform for their Queen's Jubilee celebrations, but we were already booked for Mansfield on the day of their event. But not to be outdone, we were asked back at a later date to give their residents a brass band concert anyway. The weather was unpredictable when we arrived, but we agreed with the staff that we should go ahead and perform outside as planned, so a gazebo was erected on the lawn for several of the folks, with the rest seated with their family and friends on the path in front of the building itself. Once ready, the Band started off our performance from their car park. We were lucky with the weather in that it didn't rain, though it was little cool, and the staff ensured everyone was kept warm as we performed. We even attracted several passer-bys to stand at the wall of the home and watch the performance. During the interval where refreshments were supplied, we chatted with many of the residents, who all seemed to be enjoying it. Due to holidays and illness, not all the band were able to make this event, and Graham did a marvellous job in re-arranging the programme to meet the assembled group and still perform pieces that our audience could sing and clap along to. And just as we completed our programme, the sun finally broke through.

As usual, most of the Band hurried off as soon as they could after the event had finished. But that was to their loss, as we discovered that the staff had laid on a marvellous meal for the old folks and the Band. So those Band members who had stayed to clear up and help with getting the folks back inside (and yes, we do need L-Plates on those wheel-chairs), were treated to a fantastic meal with far more food than even we could attempt, as they had catered for the whole band. But everyone from the residents to the staff had enjoyed the event so much, that we were booked for another festive concert in December, as we were still tucking into one of the largest trifles we had seen. I'm sure the other Band members won't be in such a hurry to dash off for that event!

Pontefract Heritage Group

Pontefract Castle

Saturday 17th August 2002

The Pontefract Heritage Group held a celebration in honour of the Queen's Jubilee in the grounds of Pontefract Castle. The whole event celebrated each decade of her majesties reign, with films, an art exhibition and children depicting the costume from each decade. Various stalls were arranged around the perimeter. The main entertainment was provided throughout the afternoon by KCB, led on this occasion by the very experiancedNigel Horne, because Graham was taking a well earned vacation. In between our session, children from a local drama group acted out newspaper style headlines from the past 50 years, and two young lads played a delightful cello duet. Members of a local radio station kept the event moving on nicely, as they did their own spots and introduced the various acts throughout the afternoon.

Aimed at families, people were be invited to bring picnics, and were able to join in events such as quizzes, treasure hunts, tours of the castle including a trip down in the dungeons, crown and shield making, games and general family activities. Even the weather was sunny all day, with a gentle breeze keeping the temperature just perfect for an enjoyable family day out for everyone. We really enjoyed our time at the event, and were delighted to have been approached by the organisers to see about performing more events at the castle in the future. Keep checking our future events page for details.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.


Saturday 24th August 2002

When former member of the Band Sally Hutchinson got married, she requested that the Band come and perform at her reception party. Although Sally had to move down south with her work, she still keeps in contact with the Band. She admits the Band was a major part of her life for several years and she does miss it. The Band were delighted to have been asked to come and be a part of her special day.

The early arriving members of the Band were treated to see her horse drawn carriage arrive, and Sally and her proud father board it for the journey to the church. As per tradition she was running a little late, but she did look stunning in her wedding dress.

As we set-up there was a shower which threatened to put a damper on her day, but this passed just as the nearby church bells rang out to indicate the ceremony was over, and a short while later, now in lovely sunshine, the carriage returned with Sally and husband Guy still drinking their champagne.

We performed background music for an hour or so as the guests arrived and were served drinks, until the time came for them all to enter the marquee for the meal. Sally had even insisted on photo of her and Guy with the Band. Everyone we spoke to had enjoyed the day as well as our performance, as several of them had taken the opportunity to come up and chat to us between pieces. We wish the happy couple all the very best for the future.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

South Lodge

Kirk Smeaton

Sunday 8th September 2002

We were invited back to Kirk Smeaton to play for a "Songs of Praise" style service organised by Kirk Smeaton Church. We set-up in the large marquee in the grounds of South Lodge which had been used for a wedding service on the previous day. As we prepared our instruments, there was plenty of other activity inside the marquee as they prepared a huge buffet which was to be served after the service.

Once the marquee had filled up the service began and we led the singing in between dedications to the queen and her 50 years in service to her country given by the vicar.

Once the service was finished, the buffet was served, but there was no way that everyone was going to manage to eat it all, there were so many wonderful foods on offer. Even all the gannets in the Band who readily went back to help themselves to more, could hardly make a dent in the quantity of food! Even as we left they were still trying to get us to eat more. Now that is what I call a buffet!

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Filey Bandstand


Sunday 22nd September 2002

All the wonderful preparations to meet at the power station for the coach had been going so well, until the power station closed the entrance over that weekend for maintenance work! Hurriedly, alternative arrangements were circulated to the band members and coach people. But all turned out well as on Sunday morning the instruments were packed below and everyone got on board the coach to Filey.

We arrived with plenty of time to look around the place and get some lunch. But we soon discovered that they had re-arranged the venue to be in a church, due to the weather. However, it was by then sunny again, so we chased around and met up with the ex-mayor who was organising these events. Eventually it was agreed by everyone that the best place to perform would be in the Band Stand on the sea front as originally planned.

When the time came we set-up in the lovely stand and a large crowd began to assemble all around us. It was a little chilly in the sea breeze, but that did not stop us putting on a great performance for everyone. Each time we looked around, many more people had joined the audience, many bringing their own chairs for comfort. The wind did try to blow over music stands occasionally, but we are used to such conditions, and played on throughout. The interval brought an opportunity to warm cold hands around warm drinks, and it became apparent that even though they have had many prestigious bands performing at these Sunday events throughout the summer, the regular people in the audience were enjoying our concert far more than any before! They may better slightly better bands than us, but we know what the people out there really want to hear, and we perform for them. The second half went off as well as the first, and we have already been asked if we would come back, possibly earlier in the season next year, if they run similar summer band stand events again.

One last story of note, is that the band went for a hot drink before heading back. But on getting to the cafe we discovered it closed. But as soon as the owner realised it was our band, she opened up the cafe for us to have hot drinks and pastries, having heard from her friend what a great job we had just done on at the band stand. Many thanks to them for doing that.

KCB Open Day

Methodist Church

Wednesday 25th September 2002

To meet our constitutional commitments to bring brass music to the public and also give education to anyone wanting to learn a brass instrument, we hired the church hall and put out invitations for anyone who played and wanted to see what it was like to be a part of a real band. Several people joined us for a very friendly evening, where we split up into smaller groups to begin with to break-in our guests gently, before a small buffet and drinks was served. After that the whole band joined together in the main hall where we performed the piece we had worked on earlier along with some other pieces as a change.

Everyone enjoyed the evening, and a couple of the guests have shown an interest in joining the band on a more regular basis. You can't say much more than that, can you?

Holy Cross Drama Group

Holy Cross Parish Hall, Airdale

Monday 14th October 2002

A local drama group, Holy Cross Drama Group for which a few member of the Band also belong, had asked the Band if we would perform a concert for them in the Parish Hall, as part of their fund-raising activities going on throughout the year in an attempt to meet the costs of putting on a pantomime, especially the costume hire. As always we were delighted to be able to help out another local organisation this way.

We had a good attendance and when we burst into life with the first piece, it became apparent that the acoustics in the hall were trapping the sound, and a certain percussionist (yours truly) was asked to cut back on the volume before everyone in the hall was deafened! But Graham had organised a lively and varied concert, specifically to try and meet the requirements of this type of audience, and it worked a treat, with everyone enjoying themselves. Despite being a small group themselves, they had arranged a lovely buffet (as part of the entrance fee) which more than fed the audience and band members, and Graham had to eventually call everyone back for the second half as both groups were mixing and talking together. During the second half, we managed to get them rocking and rolling at their tables, and a couple of people were even dancing around the hall whilst leading the singing and clapping to several pieces as we played. It might not have been the biggest audience we have every played to, but it was certainly one of the most appreciative which just goes to show what you can do when you prepare the music to meet the audience's needs, something our band does well.

50th Anniversary

Central Methodist Church, Pontefract

Wednesday 30th October 2002

The Central Methodist Church in Pontefract held a week of activities celebrating its 50th Anniversary. KCB has been associated with the church for many years, both performing concerts for them and using their facilities for rehearsal and education sessions. It was a pleasure to have been asked to perform a concert for them at the heart of their celebration week.

The hall had been decorated all around the walls with large, impressive posters and wall hangings. Whilst these were extremely attractive, they played havoc with the acoustics of the hall, as they completely dampened all sound. So the Band found it quite difficult to produce a pleasing brass sound. But this is one of the Band's strengths, and everyone did indeed work hard, listening to others, and we pulled off a wonderful concert for them. Graham also had a hard time trying to get the audience involved, but by the end of the second half he had succeeded in getting them to join in. On leaving, many of them remarked at how much they had enjoyed the concert, and one lady who had been involved with the church for many years had only come to be a part of the celebrations, but had not really looked forward to it. But at the end of the concert, she told us she was now planning to attend our Christmas Concert, as she had enjoyed it so much. We can't ask for much more than that, can we?

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Remembrance Day Parade

St. Andrew's Church, Ferrybridge

Sunday 10th November 2002

We continued to support St. Andrew's church with their Remembrance Day service as usual. As in previous years, the Band led hymns during the Remembrance service and Eucharist, before we moved outside to lead the procession from the church to the cenotaph for 11:00am. Here the traditional service of Remembrance continued with hymns and prayers, and of course the playing of the Last Post. Wreaths were laid by members of the local services and groups in a moving ceremoney. Even the weather managed to stay dry.

We shall remember them ...

50th Anniversary Re-dedication

Memorial Hall, Outwood

Friday 6thDecember 2002

We were asked to be a part for the re-dedication service being held to mark the 50th anniversary of the Outwood Memorial Hall. We played as they brought in their standards (flags) and for hymns during the re-dedication service itself. Once the formalities were over, we performed a concert of lively music, including 40's style sing-along songs (as had been specially requested), plus we treated them to a few of our pieces which are being featured in our main Christmas Concert for 2002. In between our session, the children from a local school of dancing provided further entertainment by demonstrating many ballroom dances, in their beautiful dancing costumes.

The organisers also allowed the band to join the other guests for the wonderful buffet on offer. Many thanks to them.


KCB Christmas Concert

King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 14thDecember 2002

Our main Christmas concert for 2002 was entitled "KCB Presents: A Prelude To Christmas". There were brand new pieces from the band as usual, and Kathryn broke up the music by singing a lovely song during the first half. We missed the recorder playing of Rosie for this concert, following a sports injury to her hand. But the seasonal fun and frolics from the main Band and our own Bavarian Oompah band, The Bratwursts, provided plenty of opportunities to join in the fun. We even had a visit from a very special gent who drives a reindeer driven sleigh, who had plenty of goodies to give to the audience, and this year, he even remembered to throw some to the hard working band.

Christmas Music

Three Nursing Homes around Knottingley

Wednesday 18thDecember 2002

Following a very successful trip to meet the residents of the Grove Park Nursing Home, we were immediately asked if we could come back later in the year with a small ensemble to perform festive music for them. Following such a warm welcome last time, we jumped at the chance to returned to cheer them up on the lead up to Christmas.

But we also used this opportunity to split the Band into three sections, each on going to an old folks home, where each played Christmas hymns and songs for everyone to join in with. Every home said how delighted they had been with their own individual event, and we were delighted to have been able to bring some Christmas cheers to everyone there.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Christmas Celebrations

Five Towns Fellowship Hall, Knottingley

Sunday 22ndDecember 2002

Once again we joined the children from local schools, in an annual Christmas Celebration event. The kids as always stole the show for this occasion, but the Band are more than happy to return again and play second fiddle to the children.

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