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Past Events 2001


St. Martin's Church


Friday 23rd January 2001

Our first concert of the new year. This was held on a chilly evening in Womersley. There was quite a full Band there, and as is often the case here, we had to squeeze ourselves in a little at the front of this beautiful church hall. But it is well worth the effort, as we are always made extremely welcome here and the acoustics of the church enhance our music well.

It was nice to see that the cold weather did not put people off from attending too much, and the church hall was practically full. There were many familiar faces amongst the audience, and several of the Band members took the opportunity to chat to people during the break and after the concert was over, whilst we all took advantage of the warming mulled wine and snacks being served. As always this was a very enjoyable evening for us all.

Sheffield Ladies Masonic Dinner

Saturday 28th April 2001

This was a new event for us, which indicates that our popularity is spreading a little further afield all the time. We headed down to South Yorkshire to perform at a Sheffield Ladies Masonic Dinner event. It was a good turnout from the Band, but this caused a little problem in itself, as we were rather tight for room between the immaculately laid out tables for the dinner. But being as resourceful as normal, we squeezed in a tight horseshoe fashion, with the percussion section actually in the room next door at the back of the main Band section, playing through open double doors!

We started the event with a wide range of gentle, almost background pieces whilst the guests were seated and took their meal. This was punctuated with Masonic tradition as The worshipful Master took wine at intervals with the various guests. This really was a grand affair, and we had to perform up to the standards expected of such an occasion. From the fact that we actualy received applause during this time for our playing (not normal), seemed to suggest we were doing a good job. Following a break, where the Band were treated to a small meal, we returned to perform a more traditional concert section whilst including some pieces to which the guests could dance, as had been requested. Fortunately our wide repertoire allows us to accommodate such requests. After this section, the main Band retired for a while, and the KBC Bratwursts Oompah Band took over to entertain the audience, to the obvious delight of everyone. We wrapped up our part of the evening with the main Band joining the Oompah to play some more dance music and we managed to pack the dance floor. It was well past midnight when we finally packed up and left them to finish off their evening in splendid traditional fashion.

It was a very long blow, especially for the Oompah Band members who only got the one break in a five hour session. But it was exceptionally well received, and has had an added bonus of several enquires for future events from various groups, which indicates that people were impressed with our performance.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

St. Mary's Church


Friday 4th May 2001

Once again we were made extremely welcome back to St. Mary's Church. They even remembered that we asked for a small table last year for our CD and Tape stand, and had one ready for us in a dedicated corner on our arrival this year!

I don't know how much was down to our reputation or the church's hard work in promoting the event, but they had the wonderful church hall full for the event. The music sounded well in the surroundings, as is often the case with these buildings. With a special table with refreshments for the Band during the interval, they really know how to make us feel welcome. In return, I believe we played our part well. They insisted on an encore which is always a good sign (even if we didn't have one ready!), and have already asked us back in 2002 for a similar event, along with an initial enquiry for another possible event later this year.

Music Live / BBC Songs of Praise


Sunday 27th May 2001

The BBC Songs of Praise programme teamed up with the Music Live 2001 events that were held all across in 2001. This special TV programme brought together a choir of over three thousand in Leeds' Millennium Square, and they were connected with the largest Brass Band ever assembled in one place (over 650 players) from all around the local area. The world renowned Black Dyke Brass Band were specially featured by the programme and fronted up the main band, whilst joining them in the Leeds Town Hall where the BBC Radio Leeds Choir.

KCB were unable to attend as a complete Band, but several of our members did indeed make the effort to attend and represent the Band, and all of them could be seen during the live broadcast. Martin, one of our Bass players even got his own close-up, though Alistair who was sitting beside him at the time assures us it was he who had the close-up, but Martin just happened to get in the way!

We can now officially say, "KCB, as seen on TV" and announce that we have performed with the Black Dyke Band!

Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes' Concert
Pontefract and District Province

Civic Centre, Castleford

Friday 1st June 2001

We had been asked by the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, to perform a concert for them at a special event which was held in the Civic Centre in Castleford. The Buffswere celebrating two events. Firstly, they were rounding up a year long programme of events aimed at raising funds for two worthy charities, the Adele Chapman Foundation (help parents and children who have had to undertake transplants) and the Castleford & District Cancer Self-Help Group (assisting cancer patients to have a better quality of life). Secondly, 2001 was the order's 50th anniversary, and they combined these two events into a celebration concert, where all proceeds went to the two charities.

We performed a wide variety of music over the course of the evening, and Graham managed to get some audience participation going, including an auction to get a member of the audience to conduct the Band. What a fantastic sight as he took centre stage and gave everyone a laugh with his conducting antics!

The concert rounded off with the order giving tribute to the 50 years of fund raising, and there was a special moment where they invited the only surviving original founding member of the order, Cliff Pouter (94) with his wife (96), onto the stage to have a commemorative photograph taken with the Band.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Howdenshire Live Arts


Sunday 17th June 2001

We were asked to perform a concert by the Howdenshire Live Arts, as part of a festival of live music which they put on over four Sundays in June and July. They invited us to perform our contribution to the festival on Sunday 17th June. As always for these events, this was a free open-air concert, open to all.

It is a new venture for us, and was sited on the lawns of Manor House, just off the market square, in Howden. It was a lovely venue, with the manor house behind us and the magnificent ruins of the cathedral visible just a stone's throw away. The skies had been looking menacing leading up to the start time, but we decided to risk playing outside anyway. Considering the possibility of poor weather, a good audience took up the seats and we got underway. The weather stayed kind for us, even breaking into sunshine towards the end of the concert, and the sounds of brass music were perfectly at home in the open-air, and it was reported that we could be heard perfectly well from further afield in the square and cathedral grounds. It was a marvellous event set in this beautiful part of the country. If asked, we would be delighted to return again in future years.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.


King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 30th June 2001

Not strictly a concert, but this is the date Pete Rosser came up to lead the Band in a workshop where we concentrated most of the day on rehearsing the brand new piece commissioned by him, as part of our Lottery Bid. Pete was marvellous, and immediately was able to bring the piece to life under his conductorship. Prior to the workshop, we had been "playing the notes", but Pete was able to describe the feeling and atmosphere each sections was to portray, which did so much to enhance our performance. He had plenty of time for the Band and was fully aware where extra work was needed, and had the patients to guide us through the day's work.

There was a break where the Band enjoyed a super meal in the format we now use for this type of event, where everyone brings along something to eat. When our helper ladies had laid this all out, it was an impressive buffet, and even the heartiest of appetites was unable to clear everything. Even Pete was surprised at the buffet on offer, and he joined in with the Band to enjoy the meal.

Then it was back to rehearsals, where even more progress was made. By the end there was a wonderful buzz of excitement through the whole Band, even though it had been a long day and a lot of work (you'd be surprised how hard it is to keep blowing into the instruments over several hours!). To cap it all, Pete also announced that he would be able to attend the 25th anniversary concert and conduct the piece himself. Fantastic!

Patron's Concert - KCB's 25th Anniversary

King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 14th July 2001

As 2001 is KCB's 25th anniversary, we made this Patron's Concert a very special occasion, looking back over the years and recalling some of the most popular pieces the Band has performed over that time, as well a glace into the future and the next 25 years(?), including as a special bonus, the premier performance of a brand new piece of music commissioning by the Band from the pen of Pete Rosser. We were delighted that Pete was able to attend the concert and conduct the piece, entitled Wonderland, himself. This is something completely different for a Brass Band, and shows off Pete's wonderful mastery of music. In general it was well received by the audience, although there were one or two that didn't take to it initially. We have found that it is a piece which tends to grow on you, the more you hear it. Please let us have your views.

The format of the concert was different to our more recent concerts, such as we dedicated it to the brass music of the Band over the years, rather than including alternate items such as the vocal or recorder sections that have been introduced recently. This was a deliberate decision taken, as this was an concert to celebrate the Band and its music, rather than highlighting individuals. Whilst we felt this was very successful and seemed to be enjoyed by almost everyone, we have had a complaint that the concert was not varied enough in content. Please be assured that all comments are seriously reviewed by the Band, and we will indeed be returning to our more normal varied format for future concerts.

The concert had many other highlights, including the the performing of two pieces chosen by our Patrons, the presentation of small gifts to the longest serving male (Ian Dean) and female (Karen Brewis) Band members, the inclusion of several past Band members who returned to join us on stage for the concert and the cutting of the celebration cake. There were a few down sides to the event, most notably when it was announced that the Band's longest support, Jean Austerberry, had sadly passed away that afternoon. She will be sadly missed by the Band, and she was well known to many regulars in the audience as well. Our condolences go out to her family and friends. Other problems included a lighting system control board which continued to freeze up on the lighting engineers, and at one point midway during a piece packed in completely throwing the hall into sudden complete darkness. This does not help when reading music(!), but luckily it occurred just a few bars from a link-point in the music, and Steve was able to extend the link on percussion long enough until the lighting chaps had reset the control board yet again and brought light back into the hall. We have to congratulate them for doing a wonderful job of keeping the continuously failing lighting system going as well as they did. Sadly for us, this was their last concert doing the lighting for us, but we thank them as they had planned to step down earlier, but they agreed to do this special 25th concert as a final farewell (and, No, we didn't sabotage the lighting board deliberately to get our own back on them!).

But overall the feedback we have had following the performance has been wonderful on the whole, and although we moved away from our usual format for this special occasion, it is generally felt that the music itself, selected as the most popular pieces played by the Band over its 25 year history, was the main winner on the day. If you have any comments you would like to add, please send us a message through our comments page and it will be added to the others in our guestbook.

Here's to the next 25 years of great brass band music ...

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.

Queen's Park


Sunday 9th September 2001

This was a new venue for the Band, in the beautiful Band Stand in the Queens Park, Castleford. As it was an open-air event, the organisers had taken precautions against the possibility of bad weather, and erected a marquee for the audience, whilst the Band was of course under the cover of the band stand itself. We performed two sessions between 2:00pm and 4:30pm, and during the interval refreshments had been laid on for the Band and audience in the nearby refreshment hut, where home made cake and scones were also available. Lovely.

It was quite a long blow, as we performed something like twenty-five pieces (whereas in a normal two hour concert we would normally play fifteen to seventeen pieces). But the ever growing audience (which filled and overflowed the marquee) certainly seemed to enjoy, and we even managed to generate enough sound to overcome the crowd noises from the nearby Castleford rugby match, which had kicked off during the second half of our performance.

This event was attended by Dave Newbold, a local artist, who went on to depict the concert in an acrylic painting. After seeing the painting when it was displayed in Pontefract library, the Band commission Dave to paint another picture which was presented to Graham and Susan Dean from the Band, during the 2002 Patrons' Concert.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.


King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 22nd September 2001

Under the terms of the lottery bid, to meet our commitments as part of that process, the Band have to undertake instruction under the guidance of a professional musicians in three workshop sessions before the end of the year.

This was the second workshop session arranged to meet those commitments. Jim Shepard led what turned into a very educational and entertaining session for the Band. He is a very experienced cornet player, having played for Black Dyke as lead cornet for several years and has won the individual cornet player for three consecutive years, amongst his many awards.

Jim took us through several pieces of music that we had started to look at ourselves, and brought out many improvements in all of them. He is very keen on the techniques of playing a brass instrument and this showed time and time again as he passed on his experience to the Band.

It was a long day for all of us. We rehearsed for several hours, and that is very hard on the lips, especially when you consider that a full performance is only a couple of hours with a break. The Band gives many thanks to all the members who took part that day and also to Jim, for everyone's concentration and hard work throughout the whole day. But it was well worth it as the improvements have been very noticeable in following rehearsal sessions. It was not all hard work, as we did break for a smashing lunch (which was provided by the players themselves) and which was prepared by a band of helpers to whom we also say a big "Thank you" as well.

Hemsworth Rotary Club

Ackworth School

29th September 2001

The Band had been asked to perform a concert for the Hemsworth Rotary Club at the Ackworth School. This was to support them in their fund raising activities, and we were happy to help. In front of a good audience, we put on a show of old an new pieces which appeared to go down very well. This was even against a background of slightly constrained space upon the stage (though we have squashed into a smaller space than that) and also with bright stage lights which are probably excellent for shows, pantomimes and such like, but were not so good for reading music with these lights straight in your face. But as always, are Band pulled together to overcome these problems and the feedback from people who have never seen the Band perform before was excellent, indicating that we succeeded in putting on a good show.

Camera Some photographs from this event can be found on our gallery pages.


King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 3rd November 2001

Under the terms of the lottery bid, to meet our commitments as part of that process, the Band had to undertake instruction under the guidance of a professional musicians in three workshop sessions before the end of the year.

This was the third workshop session arranged to meet the commitment. Following a wonderfully entertaining and educational workshop last year, we asked James Watson if he would like to return again this year to lead this workshop sessions and we were so delighted that he agreed to do so, saying how pleased he was to be asked back.

Also, as part of our closer relationship with the King's High School, we invited the school to have some school band members join us for this workshop, and 4 twelve year olds did indeed take up the offer.

The day was a huge success for us, with James taking us through two of the pieces we will be performing during our Christmas Concert. I think we were all amazed when he picked up his trumpet and played a section that we had just passed through, completely without referring to a musical score. He soon admitted he had performed the piece hundreds of times, and this shone throughout the day, as he was able to give some wonderful insight on how the piece should be performed, even when his deviated from our written score. He knew the piece so well, that he was able to play every section of the music for every section of the Band, again without referance to a score. This allowed him to guide each section in the Band with individual tuition, until they had mastered that particular problem.

He has such a good teaching skill, that he brought both great and subtle changes to every section of the Band. But this was done in such a patient, relaxed and entertaining way, that everyone gained so much from the day. James is a wonderful musician to have leading us in such sessions, and I personally hope we may have his guidance again in the future. I believe he has genuinely enjoyed taking the two workshops he has led to date, so fingers crossed for the future.

Remembrance Day Parade

St. Andrew's Church, Ferrybridge

Sunday 11th November 2001

We continued to support St. Andrew's church with their Remembrance Day service again this year. We arranged ourselves compactly in the area set aside for us at the front of the church hall, and participated in the Remembrance service by playing tunes to the hymns as the congregation sang, and performing a couple of quiet pieces whilst Eucharist was being taken. Then it was outside to lead the procession from the church to the cenotaph, which we reached with a couple of minutes to spare before 11:00am. Here the traditional service of Remembrance was held, with hymns and prayers, and of course the Last Post which Steve performed with great feeling.

We shall remember them ...

Christmas Lights


Sunday 25th November 2001

As part of the celebrations for the turning on of the Christmas lights, and the start of the festive season in Pontefract, KCB where asked to be one of the many performing groups in and around the centre of Pontefract on that Sunday afternoon. The weather had cleared up from the morning, and we were able to set-up our stage at the side of the Town Hall. Our playing could be heard throughout Pontefract Town center and many shoppers came along to hear us perform. We put on three sessions of festive music, and took the opportunity to warm up in the intervals in between, as it was still a cool afternoon. But we certainly got Pontefract's Christmas Celebrations off to a great start.

Bradford Industrial and Working Horse Museum


Saturday 8th December 2001

It was all aboard the coach in Pontefract to take us to a new venue for the band, this excellent industrial museum just North East of Bradford. They were holding a victorian market over the weekend, where all the local arts and crafts stalls were manned by people in full victorian costume. Behind these were the permanent exhibition of industrial machinery, some of it still in working order, and outside were the lovely working horses in action.

For this weekend, the Band were just one of the many extra entertainments laid on for the visitors to the museum, and we followed some delightful carol singing by a local Brownie group for both our sessions of festive music. This brought a good crowd to see us, so I believe this was very much appreciated.

Another high point of the afternoon was when "Happy Birthday" was sung for Graham Dean's mother, Annie, who was 90 years old that day, and had come along with Graham to support us on this occasion.


KCB Christmas Concert

King's High School, Pontefract

Saturday 15thDecember 2001

From the moment our guests arrived they were treated to a Fairy-Tale experience. They were greeted at the door by Peter, tall and proud in his smart suit, and behind him was a green fairy, Sue, taking tickets. Then into the hall which was decorated with appropriate posters and Christmas decorations, where the lilac fairy and Mother Christmas were on the stalls. A wonderful atmosphere was already being created, and the main concert had not even begun.

But when it did, all the hard work during rehearsals was rewarded as the sounds of Dance Polovtsiennes burst forward to start off the concert, in truly dramatic fashion. Following our normal concert style, we didn't just perform brass band pieces. There was some exquisite singing from Kathryn Lee with two songs, accompanied by her brother Paul Dean on the piano, towards the end of the first half, young Roise Yager delighted everyone once again with two more recorder pieces, accompanied by her Dad, Alistair. Following the break (where the audience was treated to drinks and snacks) our very own KCB Bratwursts Oompah Band had everyone singing and dancing to their ever popular act.

But behind all that was the main Band, who played their hearts out that evening, with a very entertaining and festive performance covering a wide variety of music. I wish to thank every one of them for a wonderful performance. But at the end of the day, it does not matter how good we are if the audience does not enjoy themselves. But all the feedback we have received suggest they did just that, making it all worth while (even the three hours it took me to prepare and set-up the balloon-drop net!). A typical response from one friend of the Band was that she had brought along her Mother to the Concert. Her Mother had not looked forward to it, thinking it was to be boring brass band music. But once there she thoroughly enjoyed our concert which has shown her that not all brass bands are the same. If you felt you wouldn't enjoy brass band music, may I suggest you come along to one of our concerts. Maybe we can change your mind too!

Rodillion's Choir

Memorial Hall, Outwood

Sunday 16th December 2001

We were invited to join the Rodillion's Choir for their own Christmas concert, when a member of their group attended our Christmas Concert in 2000. She was so taken with what she had seen and heard, that we were asked to join them this year. We were delighted to be asked, and so Sunday evening found us setting up in the Memorial Hall, Outwood, alongside their choir.

They started the evening with several delightful pieces and some lovely singing. Then it was our turn, where we performed several of our Christmas pieces. Following on after the break we played more festive music and got the audience singing along to them. Then the choir took over for their second session of wonderful singing. To round off the event, the Band played whilst everyone joined in for a final Christmas song. It really was a delightful evening, and I believe the full hall all enjoyed a super evening of song and music. We thank the choir for their invitation, and wish them every success in 2002.

Christmas Concert

Hilltop Centre, Knottingley

Sunday 23rd December 2001

The format of this concert had to be altered at quite a late date, as the schools that were originally going to perform at the concert, decided to pull out at just about the last moment. So the children and congregation of the Hilltop Centre did a marvellous job of putting together several items, with the children putting on a delightful play about the true meaning of Christmas, plus readings and songs performed by both the children and adults associated with the centre. All this was punctuated with many opportunities for the congregation to sing festive carols, and of course, the Band performed a couple of sessions of festive music which got them singing along again. So despite the schools having to drop out, this was still a grand evening of festive entertainment, just a couple of days before Christmas itself. Wonderful.

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