Patrons' Scheme


In 1986 the Band introduced a Patrons' Scheme and since that time the Band has had a growing number of "friends" who sign up each year to become Patrons of the Band. The team of Roy & Gill Simpson stood down from the Patrons Secretary role in July 2010 after being in the position since 1999. Their excellent work looking after the patrons over those years was recognised at the Patrons' Concert that year.

Your Patrons' Scheme Contact

Lisa Thorpe one of our cornet players, is the Patrons Secretary and she attends most KCB performances, so please seek her out and have a chat, whether you are a Patron or not. Lisa is always interested to hear your views about the Patrons' Scheme, or anything band related.

Patrons' Scheme Details

The intention of our scheme is to encourage people to become an active part of our friendly Band, by signing up as a Patron of the Band. We believe we have put together an excellent Patron Scheme package, but while still keeping the joining fee as low or lower than the other similar schemes of other groups.

The Benefits

Okay, so what does this mean to anyone wanting to join? Here is a list of the benefits on offer:

  • Your personal KCB Patron Member identification card.
  • Free entry for each registered Patron to our special annual summer Patrons' Concert
  • Discounted tickets to our Christmas Concert
  • Early notification and priority booking for tickets to our concerts
  • Opportunity to pre-book your tickets and have them ready for collection at the door.
  • Your VIP invitations to the Patrons' Concert will include early admission to the venue, where you will be able to:
    • Join us for free VIP party with special refreshments in a private room
    • Have the opportunity to reserve your favourite seats for the main event
    • Meet some of the Band members before the concert
  • A free Newsletter
  • Discounts on our already low CD and Tape prices
  • Invitation to come and join the Band at our occasional social events.
  • Recognition in our concert programmes (at your option).
  • For our main concerts, Patrons get the chance to vote for their favourite piece from a selection of popular music chosen to fit in with that particular concert. The most most voted for piece will be included in the concert, once again giving our Patron's the chance to directly influence what goes into their concerts!

We truly believe this is one of the best Patron Scheme offers of its type around today. But it does not end there! We are also offering a "corporate membership" if your company wishes to join and support us.

Corporate membership includes:

  • Four free tickets to the annual Patrons' concert (Please contact us about possible discounted tickets beyond this number)
  • Free advert in our concert programmes
  • Opportunity to reserve a group of seats at our concerts
  • Other benefits as for standard membership

The Cost

So you've seen the benefits of the Patrons scheme, and are interested in joining us. But what does it all cost? Well, we did not want to price the scheme beyond anyone's reach, so after much discussion on this subject, we have agreed that the cost of joining should be as little as possible. We have therefore priced the scheme as low, if not lower than any other comparable scheme of this nature:

Individual£7.50 each
Family£15.00 Parents/guardians and all their dependent children
Single-Parent Family£7.50 Single-Parent and his/her dependent children


Patronship lasts for 12 months from the month of joining. You will be sent a reminder of renewal as the anniversary date approaches, inviting you to join for another year.

The Next Step

If you would be interested in joining our Band as a Patron or simply want to find out more, your next step should be to fill in the form below, and then click on the button as indicated.

Alternatively you can contact the Band with any comment or question that does not fit into the context of the form. So why not find out how good it would be to become a Patron, and become a valuable part of our little organisation yourself!

Patrons Scheme Contact Form

Filling in this form does NOT obligate you to join the scheme!

It is merely a method for you to begin to contact us with some initial details. We will then contact you using the information supplied, and it will be taken from there. At no time will you be pressured to join.

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