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Picture Gallery 2001

We have prepared a few photographs of the band for your enjoyment. Below you will see a small photograph along with a short description. Just click on any of these small pictures, to take you to a another page with the full photograph of this or other pictures and a little more information about it. Some pages supply names, so you can get to know your favourite Brass Band more intimately!
The information supplied directly below the photograph will give you an idea of the size of the page that will be loaded. You can use this information to decide what you want to see, if required.

Ladies Masonic
Page size approx 393K

Sheffield Ladies Masonic Dinner

April 2001
We are please to report that everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time, when we performed for the Ladies Masonic Dinner in the grand surroundings of the Masonic Lodge in Sheffield.
Buffaloes Concert
Page size approx 217K

Buffaloes Concert

June 2001
Several photographs from the charity fund raising event organised by the Pontefract and District Royal Order of Buffaloes, capturing some of the serious, funny and moving moments of the event.
Howdenshire Live Arts
Page size approx 213K

Howdenshire Live Arts

June 2001
We set-up on the lawns of the Manor House in Howden, to perform a free outdoor concert, as part of four events over four weekends organised by the Howdenshire Live Arts group. A lovely day was had by all in these magnificent surroundings in one of the loveliest areas of the country.
Patrons' Concert
With several photographs, this page size exceeds 500K and may take some time to download completely.

Patrons' Concert

July 2001
Several photographs ranging from rehearsals sessions, through to the concert itself, with special guests and presentation of the anniversary cake, depicting many of the memorable moments that made up this excellent start to a year of celebration for the Band.
Queens Park
Page size approx 186K

Queen's Park, Castleford

September 2001
In the grounds of Queen's Park, Castleford, the Band perform in one of the best places for a Brass Band to be seen, the traditional Band Stand.
Hemsworth Rotary Club
Page size approx 118K

Hemsworth Rotary Club

September 2001
A couple of photographs of the fund raising concert on behalf of the Hemsworth Rotary Club, which was performed at Ackworth School.
Christmas Concert 2001
Page size approx 336K

Christmas Concert

December 2001
Several photographs from our 2001 Christmas Concert, showing the Band having a good time, as well as the audience.

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