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Picture Gallery 2000

We have prepared a few photographs of the band for your enjoyment. Below you will see a small photograph along with a short description. Just click on any of these small pictures, to take you to a another page with the full photograph of this or other pictures and a little more information about it. Some pages supply names, so you can get to know your favourite Brass Band more intimately!
The information supplied directly below the photograph will give you an idea of the size of the page that will be loaded. You can use this information to decide what you want to see, if required.

Summer Showcase
Page size approx 156K

Rotary Club Charity Event

March 2000
Some pictures that capture the atmosphere of a great charity event organised by the Pontefract Rotary Club, culminating the three organisations all together on the Castleford Civic Centre stage, leading a chorus of "You'll never walk alone".
Badsworth Church
Page size approx 168K

Badsworth Church

April 2000
A couple of photographs from the excellent concert held in the surroundings of this lovely church.
James Watson Workshop
Page size approx 164K

James Watson Workshop

May 2000
Several photographs from the fascinating day that the Band spent with James Watson, who came up to Pontefract to give the band a workshop. The morning was spent with general playing assistance, and the afternoon session was aimed more at a conducting workshop.

James maintained the Band's fullest attention the whole day through, with his extensive knowledge of the music industry, his witty anecdotes, and some wonderful trumpet playing.

Pontefract Operatic Society
Page size approx 162K

Pontefract Operatic Society

May 2000
Some photographs that capture the spirit of the three day Pontefract Operatic Society annual concert, that we supported by providing some Brass Band music to compliment their excellent singing.
Patrons' Concert 2000
There are 10 photographs on this page making it a total of 412K in size. This may take quite some time to load, but it is worth the wait!

Patrons' Concert

Millennium Moments

June 2000
Several photographs that capture some of the emotion and atmosphere that went into making this event the wonderful spectacle for the audience that it turned out to be.
Knottingley Carnival 2000
Page size approx 200K

Knottingley Carnival 2000

July 2000
A selection of photographs showing the Band leading the carnvial procession along with several other groups and floats that made up the procession, as it wound its way through the damp streets of Knottingley.
Synai Synagogue
Page size approx 88K

Synai Synagogue, Leeds

July 2000
Possibly a world's first for KCB! We perform a charity concert inside the Synai Synagogue in Leeds.
Charity Christmas 2000
Page size approx 126K

Charity Christmas Concert

December 2000
We give some of the old folk of the local area a grand start to their Christmas celebrations, as part of our commitment to serve the community with brass band music. It was really appreciated by all who came.
Christmas 2000
There are 10 photographs on this page making it a total of 389K in size. This may take quite some time to load, but we think it is worth it.

Christmas Concert

December 2000
Several photographs that try to capture the wonderful atmosphere and humerous moments from this years Christmas Concert.

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