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Ladies Masonic Dinner, Sheffield

Full KCB Band, ready to start
As the invited guest are served and enjoy their meal in the wonderful surroundings of the Masonic Lodge in Sheffield, the Band play a range of background piece. To our surprise, this was so well appreciated, that several pieces even got a round of applause.

Waldorf and Statler?
During the speeches we get receive our own refreshments in the back room, where Alistair and Derek don silly hats. KCB's very own Waldorf and Statler (from the Muppets) look-alikes, don't you think?

KCB Bratwursts After the Band returned to perform a small concert and some more speeches and presentations, the KCB Bratwursts (who had been specifically requested for the event) got everyone singing and clapping along in their normal humorous fashion.

Have a blow   Getting the prize
During the performance, a member of the audience is challenged to have a blow through Alistair's Bass, and after successfully making a noise, Steve presents her with a prize. However, it looks to me like Steve is actually getting the better prize, don't you think?

Good time 1   Good time 2
But the most important point of all, is that everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves fully, including the VIPs (who also invited KCB to the event) on the top table.

A fuller review of this concert can be found on our Past Events 2001 page.
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