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Picture Gallery 2011

We have prepared a few photographs of the band for your enjoyment. Below you will see a small photograph along with a short description. Just click on any of these small pictures, to take you to an events page with more photographs and information about the event. Some pages supply names, so you can get to know your favourite Brass Band better!
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St. Martin's Church, Womersley

5th February 2011.

A photograph and video of Steve Sainty's bass solo.

St. John's Goole
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St. John's Church, Goole

21st May 2011.

Some photographs of the concert during our return to Goole in May 2011.

St Andrews Flower Festival
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St. Andrew's Flower Festival

11th June 2011.

We perform in between the flower arrangements all around the church as they celebrated the completion of the extension work to the church.

Lotherton Hall
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Lotherton Hall

24th July 2011.

On a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon we performed outside in the grounds of Lotherton Hall as part of the musical events organised by Leeds City Council in their annual Music In The Park summer season.

Patrons Concert
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Patrons Concert

39th July 2011.

This year's patrons' Concert contained a Kaleidoscope of great music which filled the church hall all evening to the delight of the audience.

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