Stolen Trailer


Stolen Band Trailer and instruments / equipment

Update - Many items found

Two local children had seen the items dumped on the edge of Howell Woods, South Kirby and happened to mention it to their parents, who in turn kindly reported it to the police on Tuesday evening. A police search of the area on Wednesday morning (23rd May) found much of the stolen items dumped as the children had described.

The trailer, the two timps and the bass drum from the drum kit are still missing, but everything else was there.

The police retained it for forensic purposes for a short time, but released it to the band on that Wednesday evening. I am pleased to report such excellent progress already. The travel cases and percussion bags were a little muddy from their overnight in the woods, but otherwise all the equipment was in good order and all the music was there. Even the euphonium was found, still safe in its case.

Our thanks go to the children (small reward being organised), the park warden and to the South Kirby police. Also thanks to everyone who helped get the information out to the public, and to the kind offer of help with replacement instruments, music stands and more from Sarah Baker of Leeds Learning.

Replacement Trailer Fund

It is now expected that the trailer will never be recovered. So we are having to try and raise funds to purchase yet another new trailer, after only buying the trailer in December 2011 just 6 months prior to it being stolen. A new trailer will cost around £3000 + VAT (£3600 in total).

Very early on we received a £100.00 cheque from a friend of the band a further £40.00 cheque from a member of the Central Methodist Church, Pontefract. Both of which made a great start to the fund raising and we wish to give massive thanks to the people concerned. Collection buckets at our Selby Park concert brought in over £72 which has been added to the replacement trailer fund. Further contributions have continued to come in and will be listed below.

If you would like to contribute something yourself, then every penny is very welcome. Just contact the band for ways to contribute. You can choose to be recognised for your contribution or remain anonymous if you prefer. Thank you.


  • £100 chequeAnonymous friend of KCB
  • £40 chequeAnonymous member of Central Methodist Church
  • £72+Collections at Selby Park
  • £60Anonymous friends of KCB
  • £20Parents of band member
  • £800Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding

Original story:

I regret to inform you that the Knottingley Concert Brass's band trailer was stolen from the drive of one one of our members' house overnight of Sunday 20 May / Monday 21 May 2012.

Major items taken include:

  • Twin Axle Ifor Williams BV5 Braked Box trailer
  • Boosey and Hawkes Imperial 4 valve Euphonium serial no. 572823 with hard case and mouthpiece
  • Gretsch Renown Maple Drum kit, drums all in Protection Racket cases
  • Premier 30" Concert Series Pedal Timpani in Premier red/black cover
  • Premier 28" Concert Series Pedal Timpani in Premier red/black cover
  • Various symbols and stands
  • Two large bags full of various accessory percussion equipment and sticks
  • Three travel cases (wheeled/pink) full of black music stands in individual covers
  • Two travel cases (wheeled/blue) full on folders with music scores
  • .... and so much more ... !

A full list of stolen items has been prepared and can be supplied on request if you think you may be able to help in any way.

Much of the equipment is very identifiable to KCB, with music stand drapes, most of the music scores, advertising banners etc. all having KCB or Knottingley Concert Brass embraced on them, so are of no use to the thieves. We are fortunate that most of the brass instruments are with the players themselves, so along with one Euphonium it is the percussion section that has been most affected with the loss of everything form their section. The trailer itself is key to the band being able to get to concerts. But as well as the big items, there is a lot of lesser items now missing which might not have a major cost value, but are prised by the band, including one musical arrangement made especially for the band that has been taken.

If you are approached by anyone offering any items that you suspect might be from the the stolen articles, or you hear anything about the theft which might be of use to us, then we would appreciate it if you would get in touch. Also, if you are able to assist with copies of any of the urgently required music scores from the band's current programme of music for summer 2012 (see list below) then we would also love to hear from you.
Please: contact the band.

List of urgently required replacement musical scores

All the stolen music has now been found and returned. Thank you to anyone who had been looking out for temporary replacement scores.