Ian Dean

Ian Dean

Ian Dean

Date of Birth:15 July 1971
Born (town/city):Wakefield
Living (town/city):Wakefield
Occupation:Graphics Designer
Joined Band:1979
Position in Band: Conductor
Other instruments: Horn, Piano, Guitar
Official post held: Musical Director
Musical achievements:  I have played with the Yorkshire Schools Band and also the New English Orchestra on many occasions.

Ian was one of the original members of the band, and was our Solo Horn player up to 2009, when he stepped up to the mark to take over the roles of Musical Director and Conductor from his father, Graham Dean, who had been in the position for many years up to that point.

Ian also teaches the horn at our Saturday morning lessons when required.

He continues to play Solo Horn for the National Methodist Youth Brass Band, for whom he has been a player for many years.