Steve Brewis

Steve Brewis

Steve Brewis

Date of Birth: 
Born (town/city): 
Living (town/city): Snaith
Joined Band: 
Position in Band: Percussionist
Other instruments:Cornet
Official post held:KC Bratwursts Leader
Musical achievements:   
Steve is a long serving member of the Band, initially on the cornet before becoming the lead percussionist for the Band.

Between 1998 and 2001, Steve held the position of KCB Chairman, a position in which he introduced a new band structure and influenced the band in many other positive ways.

Steve also formed and leads the KC Bratwursts, our very own Bavarian Oompah band, and is responsible for organising their concerts, rehearsals and music.

Steve takes an awful lot of stick from the other Band members (something that all percussionists have to suffer, I'm afraid), but he takes it all in great spirit. He is an excellent ambassador for the Band.