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Thank you for your interest in booking Knottingley Concert Brass.

Please try to give the band as much advance notice as possible for your event. We usually prefer at least eight weeks notice, to enable us to prepare for any event, though in exceptional circumstances it might be possible to cater for slightly shorter notice periods as long as you don't have specific musical requirements. We are happy to take bookings a year or more in advance, so the sooner the better, really.

Complete as much of the following form as appropriate for your event. If you have any queries or questions about completing this form, please contact the Band Secretary. If you have any questions or specific requirements about the musical content for your event, then please get in touch with our Musical Director, , first.

Someone from the band will contact you to confirm the form has been received, and to confirm any details if required. Once that is done, the band members will be contacted to check player availability for the event. We endeavour to complete this as quickly as possible, but please allow up to two weeks for this part of the process.

Completing the form does NOT commit you or Knottingley Concert Brass to the event. Confirmation and commitment will be done at a later stage in the booking process, once availability has been checked and the price for the event has been agreed by both parties.

We also recommend that you read the Hiring the band guide for further information about booking the band.

KCB Booking Form

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Please be assured that any information supplied above will be treated with the strictest of confidence. Knottingley Concert Brass do not pass on any information to other parties whatsoever, for any reason.