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Some of the band - December 1997

A photograph from a local paper, following a publicity campaign on the run up to Christmas 1997. Paper dated 2nd December 1997. Sorry for the rather poor quality. This is due mainly to the fact that the paper was first photo-copied, and later passed on for scanning.

But as it is the only thing I have from that time period (so far), here it is for your delight(?)

KCB Group

Graham Dean (Musical Director and conductor) surrounded by some of the band members, as of December 1997. The photograph was taken in our rehearsal area; Powergen's Ferrybridge canteen.

1 Lynn Pawson 2 Alistair Yager 3 Steve Jones
4 Andy Preston 5 Simon Marshall 6 Nigel Bird
7 Mick Scott 8 Andy Evans 8 Christopher Lewis
10 Andy Grace 11 Martin Coates 12 Patrick Honeyman
13 Karen Brewis 14 Sally Hutchinson 15 Ian Yager
16 Graham Dean 17 Jennifer Spencer 18 Sarah Crossland
19 Ruth Scott 20 Christopher Simpson 21 Russell Simpson
22 Alan McNaught 23 Rosie Yager

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